Legal Zoom Reviews- Is LegalZoom worth the money?

LegalZoom is a legit site for all kind of legal advice. In this Legal zoom review, we talked about the LLC Formation, Legal Forms, Wills & Trusts.
Legal Zoom provides all the resources that a business owner needs to run a successful business. It helps in starting an LLC, business formation, Legal help, and advice.

LegalZoom refers to an online legal service that has been designed in such a manner that it seems to be a one-stop destination for small business’s legal requirements. The business needs to pay a low fixed rate concerning different types of legal works. It was founded in the year 2001, and till the present time assisted over 4 million business and individual in resolving the legal issues.

Characteristics of LegalZoom

While choosing LegalZoom, an individual can perform some functions that have been discussed below

  • Start the business
  • File Business Formation Paperwork
  • Able to make the legal document along with e-signature
  • Register the trademark concerned to copyright and patent security.
  • Consultation is being done by a lawyer and receives legal documents which have been reviewed through the lawyer.
  • Attain business tax advice.

legal zoom review

The main clientele of LegalZoom is a small business that doesn’t comprise in-house legal lawyers or departments. It has been known that business at times requires legal advice that helps them to stay away from the legal issue, thus LegalZoom is offering great advantages to the business.

Advantages of Choosing LegalZoom

Here are some of the major benefits being discussed that an individual or business can avail by choosing LegalZoom

 Longevity and Money Back Guarantee

LegalZoom is a well known online legal service provider that has assisted millions of business and consumers. In order to maintain a high level of reliability and customer satisfaction, the company is providing a 60-day money back guarantee in case if business or consumers is not being satisfied by their offered services. The business and consumer acquires the authority to cancel the membership at any instance and is liable to receive a prorated refund.

Comprehensive Business Legal Plan

It is related to the least expensive alternative concerning to the business legal plan which is termed as Business Advisory Plan offering a regular right of entry to an attorney. It has been identified to competitors; the business legal plan makes use of phone consultation with document review and an attorney.

The company includes annual business evaluation and tax advice in their legal plan that is not being offered by another competitor. This makes them stand ahead in the competition and able to attain a high level of reliability and customer satisfaction. In addition to such, the company also includes the annual business calculation and tax advice option in their legal plan that is being not offered by other competitors available in the market.

The company understands the legal issues in a detailed manner and comprises one copyright registration per month that considered being an attractive deal for musicians, artists and other freelancing options available in the market.

Legal Zoom reviews- Is LegalZoom legit?

LegalZoom refers to an online document preparation service that is not liable to offer any legal advice or guidance for the reason it’s not considered to be a law firm. Now, the question that comes into mind that Is LegalZoom legit ?The communication that took place between business and LegalZoom are not covered through the attorney-client privilege and will not be considered as confidential through the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The main concern related to LegalZoom indicates the fact that a person doesn’t need access to an actual attorney unless the monthly fees are paid. If the business is paying the economy package or for single use, they are directed to the LegalZoom customer support that is specialist but not an attorney and will not provide any legal advice concerning the problem. They will offer basic counsel however they comprise many restrictions to their words. In case, if a business pays for access to an attorney, thus price concerned with legal services seems to be much higher.

No Free Trial

At the present time, the company doesn’t provide a free trial concerned with business and personal legal services. It has been seen that through service package of LegalZoom the company will allow the legal forms and paperwork available with 10 pages or less to be reviewed in prior to charge any sort of fees that are included in the additional pages. The company uses to take a fee for filing various documents and paperwork. This sort of expenses is traditionally available in the general package that the organization offers, however, the company provides its general price for much cheaper in comparison to competitor’s charges.

Not Unlimited

The monthly basic subscription plan of LegalZoom is not unlimited and considering the fact that customers seem to be restricted to a specific number of pages an attorney probably written in the legal letter.

Is LegalZoom worth the money?  

The main concern is to understand that “Is legal worth the money”? Below is the explanation related to such?

  • LegalZoom doesn’t seem to be worth for initiating the business with the principle of LLC. With such a formation service, the business needs to pay extra charges for everything. However, it is recommended that instead of wasting money with LegalZoom, a business can easily download the form for LLC free of cost and further pay the filling charge for the state.
  • For the reason that LegalZoom is not a law office, the business will not receive any sort of expertise and guidance even though individual or business uses to pay a ridiculous charge for the offered services. The service offered by LegalZoom seems to be appealing and convenient; however, it will end up costing a lot of time along with money in comparison to visit the real lawyer directly.

LLC is a business entity that seems identical to a corporation that offers personal liability protection to the owner that is termed as members. However, LLC seems to be more flexible when being compared to the corporation in the manner it is taxed and managed. Along with such, with the feature of LLC business can allocate gains and loss effectively among the members. The other question that comes into consideration is –Is LegalZoom a good way to start an LLC?

An LLC contains its own assets and bank account and being able to sign the leases, document of loan and different sort of contract. In addition to such, it is being used to file the lawsuit or be sued by someone else. For the reason that LLC is usually considered as the separate entity, the members don’t personally liable for business obligations and debts. The process of starting the LLC seems to be very easy, and here are some of the steps that are required to follow while forming the LLC.

 Decide Where to Form LLC

The very first thing that you have to do while starting the LLC is to file the paperwork with the state. It has been acknowledged that owners of small business will fill in the state in which business is situated. However, if the business is looking to expand them in multiple states, then they have the option of state for LLC formation.

Choose a Name for LLC

It is a known fact that needs vary from state to state; however, the rule indicates that LLC names can’t be identical to the name of other competitor entity registered in the same state. The start limits the employ of specific words like a bank in the business name and business are recommended to use business designation like LLC at the end of the name.

The business is able to research the state’s naming needs by visiting the website of the state agency that is accountable for the business filling. It has been seen that in most state, it is considered as the secretary of the state. In states, a business can also employ the website to search the name of the current business to understand the fact whether the name is available or not. It has been seen that if proposed LLC name is available however business are not ready to form the LLC right away, most of the state will facilitate the name regarding the set period of time through filling the forms and submitting the required fees.

Choose a Registered Agent

When the business is looking to form the LLC, it is recommended to select the registered agent which is also termed as a statutory agent who is responsible to gather official document on behalf of LLC. Every state comprises its own registered agent needs, however, in general, the agent is considered to be a person who is at least 18 years. The agent needs to contain the address in the state where they seem to be available during the business hours for collecting the document. It is being noticed that most of LLC name the employee to act as an employee or use the registered agent company.

Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement

LegalZoom operating agreement will help the business to understand how to run LLC and comprises valuable information about the manner in which the business needs to be managed. Along with such, the agreement will also represent the methodology for admitting innovative member and further dealing with the departing members. It is not filed with the state, thus the business needs to keep such in a binder along with other business reports.

 Prepare Articles of Organization

The form of the article will be accessible on the website of the business filling agency and needs to include the following things:

  • Name and Duration of LLC
  • Purpose of LLC
  • Name and address of the registered agent.

File the Articles of Organization

The business needs to submit the article along with the filing fees required. The business is able to file the article online or even submit by sending the mail to the concerned individual.

Publish a Notice

For the reason that some states have additional needs, the business is required to post the newspaper notice concerning the intent of forming the LLC.

Banking, Licenses and Other Business

When the LLC is official, the businesses have to attain the federal tax ID number and further create the bank account of the business. As per business requirements, the businesses have to register LLC with local and state taxing along with permitting authorities.

Is LegalZoom good for a will?

There is question that comes into minds of business professional and individual that “ Is LegalZoom good for a will? The explanation related to such shows that Wills and other important legal papers are too significant and too complicated for the company like LegalZoom. It is for the reason that it is nothing more than filling in the blank; the business runs the risk of accidentally disinheriting family members. The mistake committed in the will seems to be worse in comparison to others for the reason that due to serious mistake with the do-it-yourself will, it will not appear to light when it’s too late. It is recommended to hire a lawyer for such condition considering the real privacy and peace of mind. This will certainly affects the LegalZoom reviews.

Is LegalZoom good for a living trust?

The business can find the information available on the website that includes a disclaimer that highlights the fact that information offered by the company is not guaranteed to be accurate or up to date. Therefore, in general words, it can be understood it is not worth to pay hundreds of dollar to a website that provides no guarantee whatsoever regarding the information. In addition to such, it has been acknowledged that about 805 people who fill legal forms attempts incorrect information. For the reason that LegalZoom is not a layer and takes no accountability for appropriate information, if you commit any sort of mistake you will be paying money for no guarantee.


From the above discussion related to Legal Zoom reviews , it can be concluded that LegalZoom is the best alternative to a real lawyer, but if you commit mistake you will end up by paying hundreds of dollar without receiving any guarantee from their end.

With the employ of fill in the blank “legal service “takes businesses toward legal concern down the road and being own on own when the things don’t work perfectly. With hiring the services concerning the competent business lawyer will allow the business to attain original legal professional that is skilled and dedicated to making affairs in order.

The real lawyer is responsible regarding its representation of business and works with effectiveness to secure the affairs and documents of organizations. However, LegalZoom is simply a form that business fills out devoid of any guarantee.Visit lawsuit FAQ for more informative articles and review.


Verified Rocket Lawyer Reviews- Is It The Best Legal Service?

Is rocket lawyer legit? Our review will help you to know better about the legal forms,lawyers and legal advice.

In today’s time, people often require legal advice related to a matter they need to resolve at some point in their lives. Often, there are some matters which do not require the need of hiring an attorney, but such legal matters do require some demands of professional expertise.

The Professional Rocket Lawyers comes into play which has now become the fastest-growing company which provides access to a variety of legal help and helps the customers to get in touch with best attorneys. You can check reviews online before contacting them.

rocket lawyer review

How much does rocket lawyer cost

After checking the rocket lawyer user reviews and rating, you might have to come to know about the variety of legal services provided by Rocket Lawyer and its pricing. They provide services like:

  • They are responsible for creating customized legal documents and contracts
  • They are responsible for reviewing the documents and contracts
  • They can create LLC, non-profit or corporation
  • They can arrange a legal advice session with a lawyer over the phone

Some of the services as per rocket lawyer reviews are available with a one-time fee but they encourage to get subscribed to their monthly membership plan depending on whether a client needs the regular legal support for their business.

Some people think about rocket lawyer cost and they often think it expensive whereas the online legal service offers a very accessible and affordable alternative option. A diverse range of services can be chosen from and there is nothing to worry about fees of rocket lawyer. Many of the services are overlapping.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing

The rocket lawyer pricing can be applied as per the services being availed by the people if they have opted for membership or not. The pricing for the ones who have opted for membership can avail the service like creating a custom legal form, a phone session of 30-minutes with a lawyer, online QA session with a lawyer and preparing a documented defense for Rocket Lawyer documents, etc.included in the cost of per month membership of $39.95. Up to 40% off discount is provided to the clients who hire Rocket Lawyer Attorney. Only govt filling fees are applicable for LLC, corporation or non-profit form.

The registered agent service can be available at $112 per year. A 25% discount is offered to people with membership.

The rocket lawyer cost a non-member person can be available at $20 per document for custom legal forms. For phone session, it is not applicable and for online QA session with a lawyer, it charges $49.95 per question. For document defense for rocket lawyer documents, the pricing is $10 per document. For non-member, the discount privileges are not applicable.

The pricing for non-member for LLC, corporation or non-profit form is $99.95 plus govt. filling fee included. Registered agent service is available at $149.95 per year.

Is Rocket Lawyer a Legitimate Service?

A lot of people often seem surprised and question about the status of Rocket Lawyer. There are a lot of factors which can contribute to supporting the status of rocket lawyer service and provide an answer to the people who question – is rocketlawyer legit. The Rocket lawyer online service ask their client to attend a QA session with the best attorney who has years of experience. They provide on-call attorney service who provides satisfactory answers to the customers without any delay.

To those who question – is legit, they should know that Rocket Lawyer service provides the attorneys who are experienced, and they have varied specialties like contracts, business law, etc. They provide an intuitive builder for forms which is capable of creating custom legal documents. It’s just, customers have to answer some series of questions. By doing so, it can be helpful in complying that your contract can be held up in court and is compiled as per state law.

There are many unique features provided by rocket Lawyer service which can help in answering the question – is rocket lawyer safe. The defense document works in sync with the customer whose custom contract created by Rocket Lawyer doesn’t work in comply by the other party then an attorney is provided for their aid. Nolo is a top competitor of rocket lawyer. You can read rocket lawyer review here.

Rocket Lawyer will Review

The Rocket Lawyer provides various services to its customers to those who are looking for legal help for their business. The rocket lawyer will review the contracts and documents with the help of the attorney who has the specialties in business law, intellectual property and contracts. They make sure that the customer gets a good response from the attorney.

The rocket lawyer will review the custom legal document thoroughly and make sure that it is created as per the state law and it should hold up in court. Through this, they can help the business owners to resolve the issue and don’t want them to waste their time talking to different lawyers and waste their time in preparing different custom documents.

The rocket lawyer will review the series of question and answer provided in the form to make sure answers are provided properly and nothing is missed. Through mail, phone, etc. the feedback after the review is shared with the customers.

Is Rocket Lawyer better than LegalZoom?

In the rocket lawyer vs legalzoom scenario, both online service share similarities, and differences. They are more alike then they are different. Most of their services overlap with one another even though there are some price differences.

Fundamental Differences

The LegalZoom provides best quality legal forms in comparison to Rocket Lawyer and their price is much lesser than that of theirs. The annual membership rates are affordable, and they can help their customers to save over a hundred dollars.

There are some advantages which are offered by Rocket Lawyer like a wider selection of forms from the digital library and the filing fee is much lesser than that of LegalZoom.


Both Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom provides attorney consultation, document review, custom legal forms. Customer support through email or phone or via live chat, positive feedback to the customer without any delay.

IncFile reviews- Is It The Best Online LLC Service?

In this review, we analyzed Incfile LLC formation service (Silver, Gold, Platinum Package). Is Incfile better than other LLC Services like LegalZoom?. Learn more about its Pricing, Customer Complaints and Ratings.

Free registered agent, Quick Turnaround time, Fast and Easy process are the key features of Incfile.
Incfile is the best online LLC filing and business formation service that helps you to form LLC or Corporation quickly.

incfile review

IncFile has come into play in the year 2004 and with continuous improvement, the methodology has become one of the most significant LLC formation service forming over 150,000 businesses. There are various services available that can help the business to create the LLC online, however, IncFile has managed to carve out the significant space concerning to highly competitive industry. IncFile and LegalZoom both offer services online, however, focus on the distinct area as IncFile helps with building a state of business and once set up manages the business taxes along with the compliance. However, LegalZoom seems to be more of a full-service legal provider and also assist with business setup along with compliance. The article will highlight the similarities and difference between LegalZoom and IncFile that will assist the business to choose among them as per their needs and financial budget. Click here Read the full legal zoom reviews.

Characteristics of IncFile

With IncFile, business is able to file the formation paper concerning the corporation, partnership, LLC, or NGO. The business holds the authority to verify the availability of the firm file and further file the business name in case if the business is functioning under the trade name. However, the company is recommended to name the registered agent that is accountable to accept the legal document on organization behalf while setting up the LLC or corporation.

After setting up the company, IncFile will assist the company to keep the business in perfect standing. The business can select companies that will file the annual report, modify the business or attain the certificate of appreciation.

Some of the other tasks that have been carried out by the IncFile are listed below:-

  • IRS filling procedure
  • Prepare and file articles concerning incorporation
  • Proposing the Annual Report
  • State the compliance checks
  • Registered agent services
  • Dissolution.

Advantages of IncFile:

Here are some of the IncFile advantages that will numerous benefits to the organization in an effective manner listed below

  • The service charge is starting at the lower price of just $49 and thus considered as one of the most affordable LLC formation service available in the market.
  • However, with the fact that the base rate is very less, there is a full year of registered service included in each LLC formation provided through IncFile.
  • The company attains effective customer feedback regarding their services as they not only maintain well rating score, however, comprise a thousand reviews accessible online. The support available in the company is very skilled and their entire client attains unlimited phone along with email support.
  • If the business orders the LLC formation service, IncFile will encompass lifetime company alerts that send emails at the instance where there is a deadline coming up for the annual report, statement of information, licenses and much more.
  • IncFile includes effect features such as online storage of the formation documents and the specialized dashboard that is being used to track the significant compliance and deadline reminders that make the business stand ahead in future state requirements.

Incfile review- Is IncFile Legit?

The information offered through IncFile doesn’t consider being legal advice, but general advice. The information offered to business is subjected to the following terms and conditions listed below:

The IncFile purpose is to offer a business with general information and not to offer any considered advice or tips. The information delivered by IncFile is intended to offer the information, not any sort of advice or recommendation.  It is provided solely regarding the informational purpose and makes the advertisement related to the offered service. The company does not represent individual looking representation on the basis of viewing the website or information that is being offered through the mail, facsimile, representation on the basis of viewing the information available through the mail, phone conversation or any other sort of transmission. The visitor must not act upon the information without having a consultation with the legal counsel. Therefore, it can be understood that none of the information available comprises legal advice by its representatives or agents.

The information attained from IncFile is not being used as the alternative for the legal ad advice given by the attorney. The company disclaimer states that there is no guarantee of information to be complete and accurate. Along with such, the company disowns all disclaims and warranties along with all liabilities concerning damage, loss of information in any manner associated with error in the content provided.

The company website comprises the links to servers that are being controlled by other businesses and firm that exist independently from It doesn’t hold any warranty regarding the information available on servers or file content if the individual download from these sites. All downloading and accessing of information from the third party are at user risk for which IncFile is not liable in any manner.

The order seems to be refundable only when the payment is being forwarded to the state, less a $30.00 cancellation fee will be charged. However, if the payment is forwarded to the state, the company is not being able to accept any sort of cancellation to the state filling. In order to request the cancellation, the individuals or business needs to send an email to [email protected] The company doesn’t dispute the chargeback’s.

LLC Formation Packages and IncFile Pricing

IncFile contains 3 options regarding the LLC formation packages and each is being available with the combination of pricing and features. Here is the list of IncFile pricing plan described in a detailed manner.

  • Silver = $49 + State Fee
  • Gold= ($149 + state fee)
  • Platinum = ($299 + state Fee).

Each plan of IncFile includes the preparation and filing the articles of incorporation, unlimited name availability and much more. The main difference that exists between the plans is access to premium services like the corporate bylaws, business website and much more.

IncFile Registered Agent

An LLC holds its own assets and bank account to sign the leases, document of the loan along with the different type of contract. It is also being used to file the lawsuit or be sued by someone else. As per the information that LLC is usually measured as the split entity, the members are not personally liable for business obligations and debts. The process of starting the LLC is quite easy and hassle-free.

When the company is looking to select the LLC formation package, it is being recommended to choose theIncFile registered agent which is also known as statutory agent accountable to collect the information and official papers on behalf of LLC. From the fact that each state has its own registered agent requirement, the agent is someone who must complete 18 years of age and be able to collect the address in the state where being available during the office hours. It has been found that most of LLC name the employee to act as an employee or use the registered agent company.

Comparison of Incfile Vs LegalZoom

In prior to understanding the differences between the two services, here is a list of things that is common in both.

  • Both LegalZoom and IncFile will assist the business to save a great amount of money over choosing the attorney for the process of drafting and filing the formation papers.
  • If businesses have any sort of query or concern regarding the services, IncFile and LegalZoom have an effective and skilled support system that will present valuable response or solution to the concerned issue.
  • Both company website will keep the data secure and protect it from malware with Norton Web security and other security measures.
  • IncFile and LegalZoom have extensive track records and served thousands of customers each year and are popular in the market for handling the formation process in a hassle-free manner.
  • Both companies receive huge customer responses in the form of reviews. With the review available over the internet, it becomes easy for the new business to check the performance level of IncFile and LegalZoom.
  • IncFile and LegalZoom provide a great business solution beyond the LLC formation.

Incfile LLC Service Review-Is IncFile better than LegalZoom?

Here is the detailed comparison of LegalZoom and IncFile on various parameters.


IncFile is considered to be $100 more affordable while being compared to LegalZoom. The basic package of IncFile is available at just $49; however, the basic package of LegalZoom starts at $149.


While choosing IncFile over LegalZoom, the business will attain the full year of registered agent services. Along with such, it provides the 30-minute legal business tax consultation with any formation package. These are the two features that business will not be able to experience while choosing LegalZoom.


IncFile has served over 150, 000 businesses till the recent period, however, LegalZoom contains a much higher client volume and served almost 2 million business client and formed over 1 million LLCs since 1999.

Customer Support

However, it has been discussed that both the companies have extensive support systems and both being inconsistent as the outcome. The response time for solving the issue by IncFile is about 24 hours that is quite long. On the other hand, LegalZoom contains the extended customer service working hours that are highly convenient for the reason that business doesn’t need to interrupt the working days in order to contact them. The support system is available from 8 am to 10 pm every weekday and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

.Turnaround Times

The estimated turnaround time of LegalZoom is based on the level of service that is availed by the business. Economy (30 days), Standard (15 days), or Express Gold (7-10 days). On the other hand, the turnaround time of IncFile is based upon the information state and there is a vast range from 1-2 days all the way up to 8 weeks.

Order Tracking

LegalZoom and IncFile both offer the feature of order tracking through which the business is able to see the real-time order status update. However, IncFile is a bit flashier when being compared to LegalZoom.

Registered Agent Service

IncFile registered agent serviceoffer business with the first year of registered agent free of cost without including any formation package and further charges $119 annually. However, LegalZoom does not include a registered agent with LLC service. If the business wishes to choose the service it will cost $159 per year.

Customer Reviews

LegalZoom receives mixed feedback from their customer as there are 1,500+ reviews and middling ratings on third-party review websites, but IncFile receives universal positive reviews from its customers and receives 7,000+ reviews which seem to be very positive.

Now, still there might be some doubt in minds regarding Is IncFile better than LegalZoom”?

Who Choose IncFile?

If the business is looking to seek the affordable price, then IncFile is a better option available in comparison to LegalZoom as its base package price is very much less compared to LegalZoom basic package price. It has been there are more positive reviews of the customers and the most important company is providing a registered agent for the first year free of cost.

Who Choose LegalZoom?

If businesses have brand power and experience as the top priorities, then LegalZoom is a better option for such businesses.


With the above discussion regarding the IncFile reviews and its comparison to LegalZoom, it can be demonstrated that it is a good alternative to an attorney to file the official paper and business will save a great amount of money. However, the business needs to understand the fact that if a business misses out something the company will end up paying hundreds of dollar without receiving any guarantee from their end.

The real lawyer is accountable regarding its illustration of business and works with usefulness to safe the affairs and credentials of association. However, IncFile is simply a form that the company fills out devoid of any assurance.  In addition to such, it can be concluded that if the business is looking for an affordable price and free registered agent service then IncFile is a good option, but if they are focused upon the brand values and experience of working then it is recommended to choose LegalZoom over IncFile.

Visit Lawsuit FAQ- Reviews,Guide and News for more articles on LLC formations, starting a business and legal help.


Nolo Reviews (DIY Products,Books,Software) -Is Legit?

In this review, we reviewed Nolo bestseller DIY products, Quicken WillMaker Plus 2019 and Living Trust software, Books, Legal Forms and other products and services. have huge collection legal books, legal forms and Software that are very helpful for small business.

Nolo is a legal firm which provides proper access to different forms and documents like softwares, legal forms, eBooks and books. It started out as a blog which provides information on legal procedures. The articles are written by professionals of the law field. Nolo also helps with LLC formation for new businesses. It provides other services for incorporating a business as well. Reviews are great as it is one of the oldest company in the legal space.

Nolo was founded in 1971 by two different attorneys. It has almost 1 million users to its site every month. Their main objective is to provide legal information to everyone in a simple way.

nolo review

Nolo provides ample of legal services and they comprise of:

  • They create custom legal formats and documents.
  • They help you find a local lawyer for your case.
  • They create a corporation or non-profit LLC.
  • You will be able to find legal books, soft wares and articles which might help you with your problem.

Nolo Customer Review & pricing 2019

The best part about Nolo is that it offers a lot of self-help legal advices. Apart from that, they provide a service for finding a lawyer network in the attorney. This service is completely free. All the informational guides and articles available on different legal procedures are also completely free.

Apart from that, in case you require a detailed guidance on a particular topic, you can use their premium services. A lot of eBooks and books are available on their website. The price ranges from $25-$40. The books have detailed knowledge on different topics like benefits of structuring your business or understanding legal business terms.

With Nolo, you can further customise your legal needs. Nolo can create legal forms and documents. Most of the documents are priced separately. However, some of the documents are available annually. The annual subscription will allow you to make unlimited changes to the form and print it multiple times. The cost of annual subscription is also reasonable. It ranges from $30 to $44. Their service provides great value in exchange of money.

Nolo has a unique product for LLC and business formation. Nolo Reviews are good for the same as it is one of the most popular product for small business structures. Although, for non-profit organisations and corporations, they outsource the business structure. The in-house product does not work for them.

The other added advantage from Nolo is that they provide great customer support offline as well. A lot of their guides and books are available in the physical format. It helps in marking the important points. You can carry it easily and refer it in no network zones as well. The best part is that the books are updated every year. Thus, you can opt for a book with recent law additions.

Nolo Reviews- Positive and Negative

Most people prefer using Nolo because they get all the legal information at one place. The quality of the forms and attorney has also been appreciated by their existing clients. Also, the information provided on their site is very clear and understandable.

However, they have got some negative feedback for their customer support. The help desk failed to solve some issues related to overbilling, printing and editing.

Is Nolo Legit?

Nolo is not accredited by BBB. However, it has A-star rating on the website of BBB. The Google ranking for Nolo is 4.7 stars which is based on 46 customer reviews. However, it has only one star rating on Trustpilot. There are 46 customer reviews registered on Trustpilot. Nolo and Rocket lawyer both are legit companies.

Nolo living trust review

Nolo’s online living trust basically helps you to form a legal document or contract by your own. They have step by step guides for the same. It is great if you want to save up on your expenses. A lot of people believe that Nolo has proper, specific and authentic guides. However, many people feel that it is always beneficial to create a legal document with the help of an attorney. This also differs from document to document. Some contracts are intricate like the one for the estate plan.

Thus, it is better to read everything properly and then decide if you want to do it alone or need help from an attorney.

LegalZoom VS Nolo

  • Document filing

Filing legal documents is a taxing procedure. LegalZoom helps with filing complicated legal documents. The procedure to fill the documents is either through an interview or through the support of the support team. It is included in the price of the base packages.You can read legal zoom LLC formation and legal solution review.

On the other hand, Nolo provides static instructions to fill the documents for filing. In this case, you will have to figure out the questions and their answers yourself from the guide.

  • Experience

LegalZoom has more experience compared to Nolo. It has been in the business past 2001 and has served over a million businesses. Nolo came in the business eight years later as compared to LegalZoom. However, while comparing LegalZoom vs. Nolo, LegalZoom is better in terms of establishment. Also, they keep on improving their services after every passing year.

  • Pricing

LegalZoom has three different packages to choose form. There is economy, standard and express gold. The economy one starts from $159 per year. Also, for opting the registered agent service with LegalZoom, you need to pay. It is not free with the Express Gold package as well. Also, services like affordable tax, total compliance and legal protect are given as a trial after the formation of LLC by other companies. LegalZoom charges $320 per year.

Nolo has two packages which are called Basic and Express premiere. The basic one starts from $99. Both the packages include services like articles of organisation, company name verification, automated error checking and unlimited customer support. Their express premiere package is actually worth investing in, as it covers all the aspects of LLC formation and business compliance.


Both the companies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read their terms and conditions properly before opting for a basic or premium service. Please check lawsuit faq homepage for more such reviews and articles.


Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review 2019:My Personal Experience

In dept, Northwest registered agent review including pros and cons, comparison and what you should know before buying the LLC or Corporation formation service.

Northwest registered agents is a company who basically helps people with operating a business. They offer assortment of different services like guides and free legal forms. A northwest registered agent can help you with a service in any of the US jurisdiction. They also offer services on filing an annual report or reinstating a corporation. They can provide guidance on starting a company and providing a free LLC agreement.

When you hire a Northwest registered agent as a corporate guide, you can expect to converse with a real life business expert on call. They usually guide their customers through different business tasks. All the guides have thorough knowledge of the US jurisdiction.

If you are reaching out to the Northwest registered agents for business privacy, then you can expect to get all the help you need. Northwest automatically lists the address of your formation documents. They make sure that all your personal details remain safe.

Apart from that, Northwest offers data security as well. They take care of your data with utmost dedication. They do not sell the data to third party companies. They have a registered agent in almost all states of the US.

In this Northwest registered agent review, we analyze the northwest LLC or Corporation formation service, Registered agent service.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing

Northwest provides their name as your business agent. They also provide their physical office address on your business documentation which is submitted at various state offices. They have a proper name and their addresses do not include P.O boxes only. Northwest also does not have offices in rundown buildings or with virtual set ups. It is completely an authentic company with proper setup.

In the beginning,  plans begins with a nominal annual fee of $125. They are basically the cheapest of all. A lot of companies offer free services in the first year but end up charging more than $350 the second year. Instead, Northwest Registered Agent LLC service pricing is clear from the start. You can expect to use free services like an online account. Many companies charge $50 to $150 for this service. An online account basically helps you with viewing of all the documents that you have provided to the Northwest Agents. Also, the items that are received locally can be viewed with receipts on the account.

You will not be charged for lawsuit forwards as well. However, if you are sued all the time, then you might have to pay a nominal forward fee of $15. They also have the same price every year. It does not increase at all. In case, you are transferring your documents form a previous agent, Northwest will perform the agent filing on your behalf.

Northwest Registered Agent Package includes tracking of the annual report. They will also send you reminders and provide you with a customised calendar. The agency values each of their client and their precious time. Hence, you will not receive unnecessary promotional calls and mails from them. They do not have a sales and marketing team. They just believe in delivering proper information and guidance to their clients at a flat fee of $125 per year.

What is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom is a similar service as Northwest Registered Agent. However, it requires you to pay premium fees. It is a service which has immense brand power. LegalZoom had lowered their prices to $29 for basic LLC formation. Although, operating agreement creation, EIN registration and licensing services are not included in this fee. They are available under the ala carte service option. The services in ala carte range from $99 to $199. Also, they charge an extra fee of $159 for registered agent services.

We compared Northwest registered agent service with Incfile and LegalZoom.

Northwest Registered Agent vs. LegalZoom

  • Pricing

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing plan is any day cheaper as compared to LegalZoom. Northwest’s base plan starts from $79 while LegalZoom’s base plan starts from $149. Also, LegalZoom charges extra for each service. This is not the case with Northwest.

  • Features

This is an important point to consider when comparing Northwest Registered Agent vs. LegalZoom. Both the companies are known for offering LLC packages. However, the biggest difference is that Northwest Registered Agent provides a full year of registered agent service. On the other hand, LegalZoom does not have the facility of registered agent service. They do not offer it with their premium packages also.

However, LegalZoom has an option of banking resolution with any LLC service. This basically includes guidance with opening savings or business checking accounts. This particular feature is not included with Northwest Registered Agent.

  • Customer Support

Northwest Registered Agent has a complete guided corporate system. A knowledgeable corporate guide is assigned to each client. The client would have the guide’s personal number as well. Thus, you can contact them whenever you are stuck. They provide support at every step and many companies lack this kind of customer support.

On the other hand, LegalZoom has their own benefits. It has extended support hours as they are available from 8am to 10pm ET on weekdays. They are also open on weekends from 10am to 7pm ET. Although, the support agents are not as qualified as Northwest agents.

  • Ordered Tracking

Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom have something in common as well. Both the companies offer real time order status updates. You can easily track all your orders online. It is very convenient in checking your progress. Both the companies are efficient with this service.

  • Experience

Northwest Registered Agent was formed back in 1998. It is a mid-sized company. They have served several customers during this time. However, LegalZoom is a massive company. It was started in 1999 and has served 2 million business operations.

Both the companies have enough experience of serving their clients. They only differ in their sizes and work pattern. It completely depends on you to choose the type of company you want to collaborate with.


There are a lot of different agencies and companies offering such services. It is better to read all their terms thoroughly and then decide on one. Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom has some common aspects while some differ completely. For more reviews and articles visit


Swyft Filings Reviews- Start an LLC in 10 Minutes

Read real Swyft Filings Reviews from the verified customer. Swyft Filling helps you to Start a Limited Liability Company just in 10 minutes. Three simple steps to start your business today without any worry about paperwork.

Swyft Filings was designed to help you get your company up and running as easily, efficiently, and inexpensive as possible. With knowledgeable staff include business incorporation specialists, they are capable of helping with every step of the incorporation process. Until now, Swyft Filings has helped start tens of thousands of small businesses.

Swyft Filings Reviews 

The thousands of customers voicing their feedback about Swyft Filings, and they still keep up extremely high average ratings.

Shopper Approved, a rating and review platform collects  reviews from actual certified customers.

Swyft Filings LLCs and Corporations review

With this Swyft Filings review, you will find the information you need to decide if you want to use their services for your company.

swyft filings review

Swyft Filings Pros & Cons


  • With prices starting at $49 for LLC formation service, Swyft Filings is among the lowest you will find in the entire online incorporation industry.
  • Swyft Filings receives wonderful feedback from their clients. No matter where you look online, you’ll find thousands of positive reviews.
  • They offer an installment plan if you need to pay for their services in two separate payments.
  • ComplianceGuard Company Alerts is their online compliance tool that alerts you to important deadlines for your company.


  • Providing a registered agent isn’t included in any of their LLC formation packages, and their price of $149 per year for the service is higher than many competitors.

Swyft Filings Pricing& Features

Swyft Filings gives their customers three options when it comes to LLC formation packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each has its own pricing and features.

Basic = $49 + State Fee

What It Includes:

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization
  • Name Availability Verification
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 30-Minute Business Tax Consultation
  • ComplianceGuard Company Alerts
  • One Year Free Domain Name 

Standard = $149 + State Fee

 What It Includes:

Everything from the Basic package, plus…

  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Banking Resolution
  • Organizational Minutes

Premium = $299 + State Fee

 What It Includes:

Everything from the Standard package, plus…

  • Digital Corporate Kit
  • Business Website and 3 Months Hosting

Is Swyft Filings Right For You?

On the above Swyft Filings review, we can say that Swyft Filings is a strong company that’s generated a lot of development in the few years. Their low prices and flexible payment plans make it easy for even the most cash-strapped entrepreneurs to build a compliant LLC.

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom

Are you looking for the best online incorporation service, but you’re not sure which one is the right option for you? LegalZoom and Swyft Filings are both services that can organize an LLC or a corporation on your behalf.

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom comparison, helping you decide which is the better option to start your LLC.

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom: Key Considerations

1. Pricing

With a base rate of $49, Swyft Filings is cheaper than LegalZoom’s starting price of $149.

  1. Features

Swyft Filings offers some starting features that LegalZoom doesn’t provide, including a 30-minute business tax consultation and a free domain name for one year.

In LegalZoom, they include a banking resolution to help you open business checking and savings accounts, which Swyft Filings does not provide.

  1. Customer Support

Swyft Filings provides customer support via phone, email, and chat.

LegalZoom is a bit more hit with customer support.

  1. Turnaround Times

 With Swyft Filings turnaround varies based on your state of formation, whereas with LegalZoom they base their estimates on what level of service you purchase from them.

  1. Registered Agent Service

Swyft Filings charges $149 per year for registered agent, while LegalZoom sets their price at $159 per year.

Best Service for LLC Formation?

After Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom comparison, we find that we have two companies that are both highly capable of helping build an LLC. You may be to use one or another for LLC service.

Swyft Filings vs Incfile

LLC service providers like Swyft Filings and IncFile can significantly simplify the formation process for you, but how do you decide which one is the right option?

In this Swyft Filings vs IncFile LLC service comparison, you’ll find clear and concise information about there, which should make your decision easier. Let’s find out which company best option for your new LLC.

Swyft Filings vs Incfile: Key Considerations

  1. Pricing

Swyft Filings and IncFile share the even same price point for basic LLC formation service, at $49 plus state fee. If you’re on a tight budget, Swyft Filings allows you to pay for your organization in installments rather than all up-front.

  1. Features

Their LLC service packages are quite similar, with one significant difference. IncFile includes a full year of registered agent service at no extra charge with any package, whereas Swyft Filings doesn’t include registered agent with any LLC service.

  1. Experience

Swyft Filings formed in 2012, but despite being a fairly young company they’ve already build thousands of businesses. IncFile has more experience, with over 150,000 business build since they opened in 2004.

  1. Customer Support

For the most part, both of these companies have service departments that are fairly good. The only significant difference between their support systems is that IncFile can sometimes take a while to get back to you.

  1. Order Tracking

This is another field where these providers are quite similar. They both offer their customers comfortable order status tracking tools on their websites but IncFile’s real-time tool is a bit fancier.

Best Service for LLC Formation?

After Swyft Filings vs IncFile comparison, you can see because these providers are so similar, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of you remain undecided. No matter what you choose to form your company, we wish you nothing but the best with your new LLC!. You can compare swyft filling with bizfillings, zenbusiness LLC.

Bizfilings Review – Is It Best LLC Formation Service?

Read my BizFilings LLC and Incorporation review before choosing any LLC formation service. Is Biz Filling registered agent better than LegalZoom? Let’s Find out in this review.

Bizfilings provide legal and business services. It ensures that your business is in sync with the state regulations and requirements. They provide services for filing and preparation of documents, business name, business filing research, federal tax ID obtainment and more. Bizfilings was opened back in the year 1996. Bizfilings reviews are good as they have helped a lot of businesses emerge and start.

There are a lot of companies offering business formation services but, Bizfilings review remains popular and relevant.

BizFilings review

Bizfilings has different pricing options which vary according to the choice of the service. They range from $99 to $464. Sate fees are not included in this particular charge. The state charges vary according to the state. Bizfilings also helps businesses that are located outside U.S. The fee for the same is $399 excluding state fees.

They have three different pricing plan options. The first one is the basic plan which does not include federal tax ID obtainment. The charge for the same is $99. It includes formation basics of a business with 6 months of registered agent service. You will get full access to the documents library and Bizfilings online dashboard tool. You can check your LLC forms, bylaws and more. If you are just looking for a LLC formation with a solid feature, then this is the perfect plan for you.

The second plan is called the standard plan. It does not have federal tax ID obtainment. This pack is priced from $159 to $229. This package obviously includes all the features of the basic package. It actually has a LLC kit and seal. This package also includes the standard format of sample operating agreements and other LLC forms.

The standard plan also includes expedited processing services. In this service, Bizfilings promises to prioritize your order. However, all the state charges are extra. This is perfect for people who want a LLC kit and seal.

The third pack is the complete pack. It contains everything from federal tax ID obtainment, overnight shipping, certified copy of state file documents and more. It also includes a certified copy of sate filed forms.  All of this is available from $199 to $464. The prices depend on the amount of services you choose.

Biz filings LLC Formation reviews normally recommend the basic package. They do not give any added value service in their standard and complete packages. The standard pack only includes a LLC kit and a seal. They are actually charging $140 extra for that.

Advantages of Bizfilings

Bizfilings handles all the additional steps included for LLC formation. Some of the states require you to form an initial report and a publication requirement. Bizfilings will totally help you with forming these extra documents. This is one service which Bizfilings exclusively offers.

Bizfilings LLC service reviews are great because it gives a 6 months registered service with all the plans. Few companies offer this service with all their plans. They also have a Business owner’s toolkit. A lot of valuable information is offered in this kit. The kit basically includes extensive information on LLC formation, compliance tips, guides on taxation and much more.

Bizfilings has something to offer you even if you are not their existing customer. They offer an advantage where you can check a complimentary business name availability check.

Apart from that, Bizfilings offers free interactive tools and resources. This step includes incorporation wizard, business type comparison chart, business license wizard and some other things. They also have a great customer support back up. You can contact them through their telephonic helpline number and email address. It is very user friendly in that way. Also, if you are confused on choosing a plan, then you can contact their professional customer support.

Bizfilings VS LegalZoom- Which Is Best For You?

  • Pricing

Bizfiling LLC formation services start with $99. They are efficient and cheap. On the other hand, LegalZoom starts with $149 for a basic package. In this comparison of Bizfilings VS LegalZoom, Bizfilings is a clear winner.

  • Features

Bizfiling has a great feature which gives a free registered agent service of 6 months with every package. Also, their clients get an access to their online compliance management tool. LegalZoom does not provide these features in their LLC formation packages. However, LegalZoom provides a banking resolution to open a business checking and saving account. Again this is not included in Bizfilings basic pack.

  • Experience

Bizfilings has a great experience in serving businesses. It has formed over 500,000 businesses since 1996. However, LegalZoom has served over 4 million customers since they opened in 1999.

  • Customer Support

BizFilings LLC and Incorporation review are great in terms of customer support. They are available on phone, email and web chat. The web chat is available from 9am to 8pm ET. It is available through Monday and Friday. Their support agents are professionals who have thorough knowledge on the subject. They are also kind and amicable.

LegalZoom also has a customer support. However, they have mixed reviews. It is a huge company and thus, some glitches are there. Not all their customer care representatives are top notch. However, to cover up, they have extra hours of extended support. They are open from 8 am to 10 pm ET on weekdays. They are also open from 10 am to 7 pm ET on weekends.

  • Turnaround times

Bizfilings offers convenient and easy to read state guides on their website where their clients are able to see estimated turnaround times for all 50 states. Also, relevant state specific information is available on their site.

On the other hand, LegalZoom operates differently. Their turnaround time is based on the level of LLC service you choose. Express Gold takes 7 to 10 business days, Standard takes 15 days and Economy take 30 days.

  • Order Tracking

Bizfilings has a detailed 7 day procedure. It basically tracks your LLC formation from the day your order is submitted till the time you receive it. On the other hand, LegalZoom has a clear system. They will send you a notification when your order is received, and the status can be checked on their website.


Check all their terms and services properly and then decide on a company. You can check swyft fillings and  zenbusiness LLC formation service.

ZenBusiness LLC Review: Fast,Affordable, Low Cost Business Formation

Read this Zen Business review to understand how Zenbusiness provide fast and affordable business formation service. It is the lowest price LLC formation service compared to other services like LegalZoom.

It helps businesses start and grow. They provide with solutions of starting and running challenges in business. They basically use technology with automation to provide their services. It is not only fast but, also delivers efficient work. They provide low-cost services with support from experts.

ZenBusiness also comes with extended support and a personalised support dashboard. Some of the basic services are completely free while some of them are premium services. They are masters in management and growth. Thus, they can be connected for the same.

zen business review

The company basically helps with regulations, book keeping, red tape and other administrative works. Many people believe in starting a business but run it as a sole proprietor. However, it is better to run as a business entity. It should be run with LLC which is the Limited Liability Company.

Zen Business Review is great and thus, helps you insulate your business and protects your assets like house, money, car and more. This all is carried out with a relationship based approach. They use technological innovation in this transparent business world.

ZenBusiness LLC Formation Service Review 

  • Pricing

ZenBusiness has a very innovative pricing structure. They have two different pricing options. They have one a la carte option. All you need to do is select and pay for the particular service. This model starts from $0. The other option is a three month service option which comprises of $10, $30 and $60. LLC services through ZenBusiness are free. You just have to pay the costs charged by the state.Zen Business LLC Review  is very easy to book.

The $10 pack is the starter pack which gives free services and registered agent services. The $30 is the pro pack which includes all the services of the starter pack. It also includes a worry free guarantee. The premium package usually includes all the services of the pro package with expedited filing, bookkeeping and tax prep services.

  • Speed

The processing time of your file actually depends on the package you choose from ZenBusiness. The free package takes 5 to 7 days. The starter pack includes 3 to 5 days. The pro one takes only 72 hours while the premium one is rushed in just 24 hours.

  • Ease of Use

It is very easy to order on ZenBusiness. It is as simple as shopping online. Just select the services you need and pay for them. The rest will be taken care by ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness has good ratings from different sites. One of the good review is form the site TrustPilot. 85% which is almost 177 of their reviews are that of 5 stars. The good part about them is that they address to almost all negative comments.

ZenBusiness also has some great features. The company files all the key documents with the state. It also makes sure that the business remains in good standing. However, this feature is not included in the starter pack. The company takes guarantee of all your filings and reporting. Thus, they always meet their deadlines. In case you miss a deadline, they even help you in covering the costs of a good detailed report.

The second great feature that ZenBusiness has is the Business Address Anonymity. It is a very neat feature which helps in preventing your home or business address from becoming public. Again, this feature is included in all the packs, except for the free and starter pack.

ZenBusiness also helps companies open a business bank account. They have a partnership with Radius Bank. It also provides monthly accounting services with CPA chat support. This is done to help you with the monthly closing financial statement. This particular service is available for 10 transactions. It also helps with the business tax preparation and filing.

ZenBusiness VS LegalZoom 

  • Pricing

ZenBusiness gives free services for LLC formation. Registered agent service from the same might cost up to $120 per year. With LegalZoom, LLC formation starts with $79. The registered agent service might go up till $299 per year. They include a compliance calendar especially for annual reports and tax deadlines.

  • Customer Reviews

When ZenBusiness is considered, it has 410 trusted reviews on Trustpilot. 96% of reviews are positive in nature. The clients appreciate their free business entity formation.

LegalZoom also has a lot of reviews. Around 1100 reviews can be found online between different sites like Consumer Affairs, Sitejabber and Better Business Bureau. 687 reviews on Sitejabber are positive and negative both. The rest of the reviews on Consumer Affairs and Better Business Bureau are mostly negative.

  • Quality of Customer Support

ZenBusiness usually offers web support chat only. There are no phone numbers or email addresses available on their site. They respond quickly on the chat. Although, it would be better if they could offer more options.

LegalZoom offers phone support and their existing clients have appreciated their efficient support. However, their email support is not that great. It takes weeks for them to respond to email inquiries.

  • Track Record and Company Statistics

ZenBusiness has recently opened in 2015 only. They are doing a great job as they are steadily increasing in their field. Although, there is no record on the number of customers they have served.

LegalZoom has been around for long. The company was opened in the year 1999. They have served more than 3.6 million clients. It also includes the formation of around 1 million businesses.

Both the companies focus on efficient business formations while keeping the business in proper compliance.

While making a list on ZenBusiness VS LegalZoom, ZenBusiness has certain advantages. It has free LLC services with excellent customer reviews. Even the registered agent service is at a reasonable price. However, they just have a chat support but they quickly respond to inquiries.

LegalZoom is quite expensive as compared to ZenBusiness. Also, they have mixed reviews and thus, you should research properly and then opt for this company.

Is ZenBusiness legit?

ZenBusiness is not BBB accredited but they have a whole team of professional individuals who have proper experience in their industry. Also, their focus is on business formations. Thus, clients prefer their businesses formed by formation specialist rather than a legal from preparer.

Swyft fillings,BizFillings are alternative llc formation service of  Zenbusiness.Here you can read Swyft fillings reviews and BizFillings reviews.