Best Online Will Makers – Create your legal will online

Our team reviews various will softwares that are available on the market. Here is the list of best online will maker that pass our quality criteria. Create your own will online without paying thousands of dollars to a lawyer.

Creating a Will is never an easy task. However, with lots of Online WillMaker, things become easier and easily accessible. You never know when you meet an unexpected death.

In case you die without making Will, the government takes action to settle everything from the child’s custody to the partition of assets. Moreover, with Online WillMaking tools, this is not so challenging that once it is.

Now, an excellent online will-maker is easy to use, and you draft the last will. So, before moving on first, understand what is WillMaking tool and how it is helpful for you. 

What is Will?

Will states that which of your assets distributed to whom after your death. Since you’re no more to ensure the distribution, therefore, you can mention which asset of yours should be given to whom.

Moreover, our law also needs proof that the will is prepared and signed by you; hence you need to eyewitnesses while signing the Will. To make Will, you need to be an adult and a stable mind.

Now, in case you’re looking now to hire any lawyer to make a Will hear is the solution for you. You can know to use Will Makers to create a Will online. Since with new laws, you can create a Will legal documents handwritten.

So, here I tried my best to narrowed down your search for finding the best online Will software currently available in the market.


Best Online Will Maker

Here are some of the best online will makers that can help you make a Will without the help of a lawyer. So, let’s quickly dive in and find out which one is the best for you.

i) Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom will and trust is quite expensive WillMaker featured on our list and is known as one of the best and easy to use the software. Its support options are incredible, and the software uses the combination of interview type information and text fields.

This WillMaking tool allows you to include information such as the sale of your property, distributing your assets, and care of your minor children. Moreover, you’ve to pay the power of attorney and health care directive, and that’s the reason why the tool is quite expensive than any other planning tool.


  • The user-interface is quite sophisticated, and you can browse through it effortlessly.
  • This WillMaker tool does have insightful FAQ Page.
  • Best support system.

Overall, this WillMaking Tool assists you in planning documents you need to create and what is legally binding and whatnot. The support staff of the tool is accommodating, and they are always ready to help the customer. 

Now, the only downfall is it is expensive, and you have to pay an extra amount for living the Will and Power of Attorney documents.

ii) Quicken WillMaker Plus

Quicken WillMaker Plus is one of the highly-rated WillMaker currently available in the market. It is quite easy to use and does include the documents that are necessary to create a legal Will.

You can use a step-by-step process to create a will, power of attorney, living will, and more. One of the key factors which make this WillMaker the best is you can permanently download the software on your PC and can make changes whenever you wish too. You can make changes in your Will documents for your health care directive and a power of attorney.


  • The Quicken WillMaker is free of cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can get printable checklists.

So, if you’re looking for a WIllMaker that gives you the freedom to make changes in your Will for entirely free of cost, then this one is an ideal software for you. The only downfall which I found in this tool is that it doesn’t support Mac computers and doesn’t have excellent customer support like Legal Zoom.

iii) Law Depot

The next online WillMaker featured on our list is Law Depot that comes with a one-week free subscription. You can access all your documents in this particular subscription period, and even create a will, power of attorney as well as a living will.

Talking about the user-interface, the Law Depot is quite easy to use, and those who have less knowledge about WillMakers can easily navigate throughout the site effortlessly. With Law Depot, you can print your estate planning documents whenever you want, and you can even save them in PDF form.


  • You’ll get a one-week free subscription.
  • Simple and straightforward software. 
  • You don’t need to download any software.

Overall, this online WillMaker is one-stop for all your WillMaking problems, and it does give you freedom of creating a Will documents step-by-step. The WillMaker is quite expensive; however, if you finish your work within the given one-week free subscription, then it’s ideals choice for you.

The only limitation of the tool is that there is no lawyer directory.

iv) Rocket Lawyer

Rocket lawyer will not only allows you to create Will, but it can help you create documents for other events like buying rental documents. Moreover, you very well know that creating legally binding documents is never an easy task as it looks like; however, with Rocket Lawyer, the WillMaking process has become easy.

The Rocket Lawyer makes every step easy and fast, and the best part of the tool is you can make an unlimited number of revisions in the documents. You can even sign the documents electronically and can print the documents when you’re all set to go! You can access all the printable legal documents and ask questions to a lawyer.


  • It helps you to review the disputes with an attorney.
  • You’ll get a 30-minute free-call consultation.
  • You can avail great discounts on hiring the Rocket Lawyer Attorney.

So, overall this online WillMaking tool is not only designed for making wills and testaments, but it helps small business owners who need an affordable legal consultation service. As the software is freemium, therefore, you can’t be able to print the will without subscribing to the membership, and that’s what I found the only limitation of the software.

v) Do Your Own Will

Well, if you’re looking for the best free online will making tool, then Do Your Own Will is best in the business. It helps you in creating budget-friendly estate planning. You have to follow the step-by-step process to make Wills. Do Your Own Will covers your marital status, whether you have children, and whom you want to act as an executor.

It can help you in everything, from creating Testaments to specifying the executor to how you want your assets to be distributed. You can save your Will as the PDF or Word doc, and you can sign and download the testaments too. The user interface of the tool is quite clean, and you can easily manage each section effortlessly.


  • Easy to use
  • The software is entirely free of cost.
  • You can save your will or testaments in PDF, a Word doc, and even sign it.

Overall, Do Your Own Bill is one of the most accessible tools to manage among other WillMakers. The only thing which it doesn’t offer is the legal support and expertise that other WillMakers does offer.

vi) TotalLegal

TotalLegal is one of the lowest-cost online WillMakers featured on our list. The software does include all the estate planning documents such as your last Will, living will and power of attorney. It can assists you in making an unlimited number of documents and access attorney services.

The TotalLegal WillMaker is quite easy to use. Now, those who subscribe to premium membership can make unlimited documents and access all the attorney services. The membership plan of TotalLegal is open tp 49 states and the district of Columbia. 


  • One of the cheapest Online WillMakers right now in the market.
  • It can help you to create most estate planning documents.
  • FAQs are included for problems.

Overall, TotalLegal is easy to use online WillMaker, which can assists you in making legal Wills. You can create an in-depth and legal last will with TotalLegal. The only downside of the software is the weak support system.

The Conclusion

So far, I have shared some of the best online legal WillMakers you can use to create Wills. All these online WillMakers are quite easy to use and do make the legal binding documents. No matter which online will software you choose to make Wills or Testaments, our ultimate goal of creating a Will should be solved.

Do you have a Will?

In case you want to create a Will and going to ask my suggestions on choosing the WillMaker, then I would end my statement by saying Quicken WillMaker Plus is the best in the business. Now, if you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below. Also, let us know which online WillMaker you’re using and what you like the most.

How to make a will – DIY Guide on Create a will

Learn how to make a will online without a lawyer. We know how important for you to create a will. Follow this Step by step guide on making a will online.

Creating a Will is not an easy task.

Whenever it comes to making a Will, the very first thing which strikes your mind is running behind a lawyer. Not only this, but you also need to spend a lot of amount on your document. And after doing so much hard work and spending a lot of documents, if you get to know that your Will is not perfect, it is heartbreaking.

So, to make a will, you should study appropriately about making a will.

This article is going to discuss everything about how to make an excellent professional Will. Let us begin our discussion.

how to make a will

What is a Will?

Before going into deep about how to make a will, let us have a brief discussion about what is Will.

A Will is a legal document that decides who will be the owner of your property after your death. You need to make a Will before your death so that your children can take off your property after you.

It is essential to make a Will; otherwise, your children may find it very difficult to make use of your own Will, which, of course, is theirs after you.

All wills are not the same. A Will vary in many factors, and every Will can have different effects on your family.

A Will is also essential to maximize the probability that you will transfer your property only to the ones whom you want to. Only that person will be the owner whom you wish to. The Will is entirely and also require an eye witness. When you sign the Will, there has to be an eye witness.

Types of Will

Here are the types of Wills you can create by giving them detailed information. So, without wasting time let’s briefly discuss each of them.

i) Holographic Will

There are some bills which testators write and sign, but there is no witness of the Will. Such wills are known as Holographic wills. The main word in the name is “holograph,” and hence the meaning is similar.

Such wills are preferred when there are less time and witness is also not available. You can consider a case such that if the testator got trapped in some critical situations like a life-threatening accident.

Holographic wills are not accepted everywhere. There are some states where it is mandatory to meet minimum requirements or which demands the presence of a witness for proof that the testator only gave the statement.

ii) Oral Will

Oral wills are such wills in which you don’t give anything in a written document. You only need to give your statements orally in front of the witness.

Such wills are not reliable and hence are of least importance. That’s the reason why these are not considered legal, as there is no solid evidence.

iii) Mutual will

A mutual will is mainly for married or committed people. It ensures that if any mishappening occurs with you, your spouse will be the owner of your property. If you want to transfer your estate to your children, you are allowed to.

How to create a will?

After having enough discussion about Will and its types, let us discuss the steps to create a will. The easiest way to make a will is to use the best online will maker.

i) Decide what to include

The very first thing you need to decide about is what to include in your Will. You should make a list of your assets and determine what and what not to include in your Will. Remember that if you are married, you can only leave the property of your share.

ii) Decide who will be the owner after you

The most difficult and important thing is to decide who will the owner after you. In most cases, it is, of course, spouse and children but decide it very properly who will be the owner after you.

iii) Selection of an executor

It is necessary to select an executor who can carry out all the terms of the Will. Make sure that the one whom you choose an executor is willing to do the job.

iv) Select a guardian

It is essential to select a guardian for your children. If your children are minor, then you must choose a guardian for them who can raise them and take care of everything.

v) Create your Will

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, make use of any online willmaker and create your Will. It will hardly take an hour. You can use Nolo’s Quicken Willmaker.

vi) Signature

Once you have made the Will, you will have to sign it in front of at least two witnesses so that there is proof that you have only made the Will.

vii) Store it safely

You need to store your Will very safely as your whole property is comprised of your Will. If you lose it, it can be perilous. You can store it in any format, physically or electronically, in PDF form.

What does a Will cover?

A will covers everything about your belongings. It lets you direct everything you have, whether it’s your bank balance, property, or anything else.

If you are a person who is involved in charity, it will also allow you to transfer your belongings to any organization which you want to. A will covers most of the things but not everything. Such omissions include payouts, beneficiaries, etc.

If you are not a single-married person, i.e., if you have married twice, your Will is responsible for all the assets which your children receive. If you have minor children, you will need to assign a caretaker who will take care of your children after your death.

Importance of Wills in Trust

If you have trust, Wills is very useful as it is a legal document that lets you decide how your belongings will be distributed and used after your death. The reason behind this is that most trusts deal with many assets like a life insurance policy, etc.

You can also set up a trust for those who are underage.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Making a Will

  • Not having the Will 

The biggest mistake anyone can ever make is not creating the Will. Nobody ever thinks about dying, but this is what is the very first thing which you should do as you enter into your 50s. If you have so much property, you should make and keep your Will earlier itself. If you do not make a will, then legal heirs will also have to spend too much to transfer titles, cash, investments, assets, or properties. To move a property, you need a succession certificate, and if you have an immovable property, you need a certificate of administration.

  • Planning the Will Incorrectly

Either you can draft a Will on your own or with the help of a lawyer or simply by using any online WillMaker tool. So, the important point is you need to very specific and right with your details. The majority of people don’t correctly enter all the necessary details and then blame themselves.

So, make sure you enter all the essential information and draft the Will correctly.

  • Questionable Distribution of Assets

It would help if you decide which asset you want to give to whom, what is the percentage of the assets you wish to offer, and once you give them, you don’t have power over who inherits your assets.

  • Not Hiring the Right Executor

One of the common mistake which almost every second person do while making Will is not appointing the correct executor. For example:- People appoint their relatives, friends as an executor rather than selecting the right person.

Execution of Will

While creating or drafting a Will, you might come across a person Executor. An executor is a person who is responsible for dividing your wealth among all the beneficiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. How do I make sure my will is valid?

A.1. So, to check your Will is Valid to follow these steps:-

  • To make sure your Will is valid, then it must be in writing, signed by you and witnessed by two people.
  • A person who has drafted the Will should have a stable mind and understand the effect of it.
  • A person has drafted the Will without anyone’s pressure.

In case you already own a Will, then you need to destroy it and then create the new one.

Q.2. How to update the Will?

A.2. Well, if you’re looking to make a minor modification to the Will, then you can add Codicil. All the changes which you have made in the Will must be signed and witnessed in the same way when you make a new will.

Q.3. What changes can you make in a Will if you get remarried or divorced?

A.3. In case you marry, remarry or enter the civil partnership, then it will cancel your previously existing Will. You have to rearrange the Will or create a new Will if you marry, separate, or divorce.

Q.4. Can I change Will in India?

A.4. Yes, you can change the Will anytime you wish to. But you need to make sure that whenever you make a new Will, you need to mention that this will is the Latest and Supersedes of earlier Will. 

On the other hand, if you don’t mention these things, it can complicate the situation, it can cause major confusion, and it might take a few years before reaching to the final verdict.

Q.5. Where should I keep the Will?

A.5. A probate court needs to access your original documents of Will before it can process to your property. Make sure to keep the document where to keep it safe and accessible.

You must not submit or keep your Will documents in the bank safety box, because after your sudden death your family needs a court order. Therefore, you should keep the waterproof as well as fireproof safe in the house.

Q.6. I don’t have a Will? What happens in case of sudden demise?

A.6. Well, if you suddenly die without making a Will, the state will supervise the dispensation of your assets that are distributed according to a government set formula.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Drafting the Will is quite a challenging task. However, with some basic knowledge and useful tools, you can quickly do this task. In this article, I have tried to share every possible information related to making a Will. 

Now, once you created the Will successfully, you can make changes to it whenever you wish too. Moreover, a person who is drafting the Will should be of sound mind, good health, and he/she should not be pressurized. 

Do you want to draft a Will?

In case you’re looking to draft a Will and have some queries do enlighten them in the comment section. If you have created the Will successfully, share your experience and do’s and don’ts.