IncFile reviews- Is It The Best Online LLC Service?

In this review, we analyzed Incfile LLC formation service (Silver, Gold, Platinum Package). Is Incfile better than other LLC Services like LegalZoom?. Learn more about its Pricing, Customer Complaints and Ratings.

Free registered agent, Quick Turnaround time, Fast and Easy process are the key features of Incfile.
Incfile is the best online LLC filing and business formation service that helps you to form LLC or Corporation quickly.

incfile review

IncFile has come into play in the year 2004 and with continuous improvement, the methodology has become one of the most significant LLC formation service forming over 150,000 businesses. There are various services available that can help the business to create the LLC online, however, IncFile has managed to carve out the significant space concerning to highly competitive industry. IncFile and LegalZoom both offer services online, however, focus on the distinct area as IncFile helps with building a state of business and once set up manages the business taxes along with the compliance. However, LegalZoom seems to be more of a full-service legal provider and also assist with business setup along with compliance. The article will highlight the similarities and difference between LegalZoom and IncFile that will assist the business to choose among them as per their needs and financial budget. Click here Read the full legal zoom reviews.

Characteristics of IncFile

With IncFile, business is able to file the formation paper concerning the corporation, partnership, LLC, or NGO. The business holds the authority to verify the availability of the firm file and further file the business name in case if the business is functioning under the trade name. However, the company is recommended to name the registered agent that is accountable to accept the legal document on organization behalf while setting up the LLC or corporation.

After setting up the company, IncFile will assist the company to keep the business in perfect standing. The business can select companies that will file the annual report, modify the business or attain the certificate of appreciation.

Some of the other tasks that have been carried out by the IncFile are listed below:-

  • IRS filling procedure
  • Prepare and file articles concerning incorporation
  • Proposing the Annual Report
  • State the compliance checks
  • Registered agent services
  • Dissolution.

Advantages of IncFile:

Here are some of the IncFile advantages that will numerous benefits to the organization in an effective manner listed below

  • The service charge is starting at the lower price of just $49 and thus considered as one of the most affordable LLC formation service available in the market.
  • However, with the fact that the base rate is very less, there is a full year of registered service included in each LLC formation provided through IncFile.
  • The company attains effective customer feedback regarding their services as they not only maintain well rating score, however, comprise a thousand reviews accessible online. The support available in the company is very skilled and their entire client attains unlimited phone along with email support.
  • If the business orders the LLC formation service, IncFile will encompass lifetime company alerts that send emails at the instance where there is a deadline coming up for the annual report, statement of information, licenses and much more.
  • IncFile includes effect features such as online storage of the formation documents and the specialized dashboard that is being used to track the significant compliance and deadline reminders that make the business stand ahead in future state requirements.

Incfile review- Is IncFile Legit?

The information offered through IncFile doesn’t consider being legal advice, but general advice. The information offered to business is subjected to the following terms and conditions listed below:

The IncFile purpose is to offer a business with general information and not to offer any considered advice or tips. The information delivered by IncFile is intended to offer the information, not any sort of advice or recommendation.  It is provided solely regarding the informational purpose and makes the advertisement related to the offered service. The company does not represent individual looking representation on the basis of viewing the website or information that is being offered through the mail, facsimile, representation on the basis of viewing the information available through the mail, phone conversation or any other sort of transmission. The visitor must not act upon the information without having a consultation with the legal counsel. Therefore, it can be understood that none of the information available comprises legal advice by its representatives or agents.

The information attained from IncFile is not being used as the alternative for the legal ad advice given by the attorney. The company disclaimer states that there is no guarantee of information to be complete and accurate. Along with such, the company disowns all disclaims and warranties along with all liabilities concerning damage, loss of information in any manner associated with error in the content provided.

The company website comprises the links to servers that are being controlled by other businesses and firm that exist independently from It doesn’t hold any warranty regarding the information available on servers or file content if the individual download from these sites. All downloading and accessing of information from the third party are at user risk for which IncFile is not liable in any manner.

The order seems to be refundable only when the payment is being forwarded to the state, less a $30.00 cancellation fee will be charged. However, if the payment is forwarded to the state, the company is not being able to accept any sort of cancellation to the state filling. In order to request the cancellation, the individuals or business needs to send an email to [email protected] The company doesn’t dispute the chargeback’s.

LLC Formation Packages and IncFile Pricing

IncFile contains 3 options regarding the LLC formation packages and each is being available with the combination of pricing and features. Here is the list of IncFile pricing plan described in a detailed manner.

  • Silver = $49 + State Fee
  • Gold= ($149 + state fee)
  • Platinum = ($299 + state Fee).

Each plan of IncFile includes the preparation and filing the articles of incorporation, unlimited name availability and much more. The main difference that exists between the plans is access to premium services like the corporate bylaws, business website and much more.

IncFile Registered Agent

An LLC holds its own assets and bank account to sign the leases, document of the loan along with the different type of contract. It is also being used to file the lawsuit or be sued by someone else. As per the information that LLC is usually measured as the split entity, the members are not personally liable for business obligations and debts. The process of starting the LLC is quite easy and hassle-free.

When the company is looking to select the LLC formation package, it is being recommended to choose theIncFile registered agent which is also known as statutory agent accountable to collect the information and official papers on behalf of LLC. From the fact that each state has its own registered agent requirement, the agent is someone who must complete 18 years of age and be able to collect the address in the state where being available during the office hours. It has been found that most of LLC name the employee to act as an employee or use the registered agent company.

Comparison of Incfile Vs LegalZoom

In prior to understanding the differences between the two services, here is a list of things that is common in both.

  • Both LegalZoom and IncFile will assist the business to save a great amount of money over choosing the attorney for the process of drafting and filing the formation papers.
  • If businesses have any sort of query or concern regarding the services, IncFile and LegalZoom have an effective and skilled support system that will present valuable response or solution to the concerned issue.
  • Both company website will keep the data secure and protect it from malware with Norton Web security and other security measures.
  • IncFile and LegalZoom have extensive track records and served thousands of customers each year and are popular in the market for handling the formation process in a hassle-free manner.
  • Both companies receive huge customer responses in the form of reviews. With the review available over the internet, it becomes easy for the new business to check the performance level of IncFile and LegalZoom.
  • IncFile and LegalZoom provide a great business solution beyond the LLC formation.

Incfile LLC Service Review-Is IncFile better than LegalZoom?

Here is the detailed comparison of LegalZoom and IncFile on various parameters.


IncFile is considered to be $100 more affordable while being compared to LegalZoom. The basic package of IncFile is available at just $49; however, the basic package of LegalZoom starts at $149.


While choosing IncFile over LegalZoom, the business will attain the full year of registered agent services. Along with such, it provides the 30-minute legal business tax consultation with any formation package. These are the two features that business will not be able to experience while choosing LegalZoom.


IncFile has served over 150, 000 businesses till the recent period, however, LegalZoom contains a much higher client volume and served almost 2 million business client and formed over 1 million LLCs since 1999.

Customer Support

However, it has been discussed that both the companies have extensive support systems and both being inconsistent as the outcome. The response time for solving the issue by IncFile is about 24 hours that is quite long. On the other hand, LegalZoom contains the extended customer service working hours that are highly convenient for the reason that business doesn’t need to interrupt the working days in order to contact them. The support system is available from 8 am to 10 pm every weekday and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

.Turnaround Times

The estimated turnaround time of LegalZoom is based on the level of service that is availed by the business. Economy (30 days), Standard (15 days), or Express Gold (7-10 days). On the other hand, the turnaround time of IncFile is based upon the information state and there is a vast range from 1-2 days all the way up to 8 weeks.

Order Tracking

LegalZoom and IncFile both offer the feature of order tracking through which the business is able to see the real-time order status update. However, IncFile is a bit flashier when being compared to LegalZoom.

Registered Agent Service

IncFile registered agent serviceoffer business with the first year of registered agent free of cost without including any formation package and further charges $119 annually. However, LegalZoom does not include a registered agent with LLC service. If the business wishes to choose the service it will cost $159 per year.

Customer Reviews

LegalZoom receives mixed feedback from their customer as there are 1,500+ reviews and middling ratings on third-party review websites, but IncFile receives universal positive reviews from its customers and receives 7,000+ reviews which seem to be very positive.

Now, still there might be some doubt in minds regarding Is IncFile better than LegalZoom”?

Who Choose IncFile?

If the business is looking to seek the affordable price, then IncFile is a better option available in comparison to LegalZoom as its base package price is very much less compared to LegalZoom basic package price. It has been there are more positive reviews of the customers and the most important company is providing a registered agent for the first year free of cost.

Who Choose LegalZoom?

If businesses have brand power and experience as the top priorities, then LegalZoom is a better option for such businesses.


With the above discussion regarding the IncFile reviews and its comparison to LegalZoom, it can be demonstrated that it is a good alternative to an attorney to file the official paper and business will save a great amount of money. However, the business needs to understand the fact that if a business misses out something the company will end up paying hundreds of dollar without receiving any guarantee from their end.

The real lawyer is accountable regarding its illustration of business and works with usefulness to safe the affairs and credentials of association. However, IncFile is simply a form that the company fills out devoid of any assurance.  In addition to such, it can be concluded that if the business is looking for an affordable price and free registered agent service then IncFile is a good option, but if they are focused upon the brand values and experience of working then it is recommended to choose LegalZoom over IncFile.

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