Legal Zoom Reviews- Is LegalZoom worth the money?

LegalZoom is a legit site for all kind of legal advice. In this Legal zoom review, we talked about the LLC Formation, Legal Forms, Wills & Trusts.
Legal Zoom provides all the resources that a business owner needs to run a successful business. It helps in starting an LLC, business formation, Legal help, and advice.

LegalZoom refers to an online legal service that has been designed in such a manner that it seems to be a one-stop destination for small business’s legal requirements. The business needs to pay a low fixed rate concerning different types of legal works. It was founded in the year 2001, and till the present time assisted over 4 million business and individual in resolving the legal issues.

Characteristics of LegalZoom

While choosing LegalZoom, an individual can perform some functions that have been discussed below

  • Start the business
  • File Business Formation Paperwork
  • Able to make the legal document along with e-signature
  • Register the trademark concerned to copyright and patent security.
  • Consultation is being done by a lawyer and receives legal documents which have been reviewed through the lawyer.
  • Attain business tax advice.

legal zoom review

The main clientele of LegalZoom is a small business that doesn’t comprise in-house legal lawyers or departments. It has been known that business at times requires legal advice that helps them to stay away from the legal issue, thus LegalZoom is offering great advantages to the business.

Advantages of Choosing LegalZoom

Here are some of the major benefits being discussed that an individual or business can avail by choosing LegalZoom

 Longevity and Money Back Guarantee

LegalZoom is a well known online legal service provider that has assisted millions of business and consumers. In order to maintain a high level of reliability and customer satisfaction, the company is providing a 60-day money back guarantee in case if business or consumers is not being satisfied by their offered services. The business and consumer acquires the authority to cancel the membership at any instance and is liable to receive a prorated refund.

Comprehensive Business Legal Plan

It is related to the least expensive alternative concerning to the business legal plan which is termed as Business Advisory Plan offering a regular right of entry to an attorney. It has been identified to competitors; the business legal plan makes use of phone consultation with document review and an attorney.

The company includes annual business evaluation and tax advice in their legal plan that is not being offered by another competitor. This makes them stand ahead in the competition and able to attain a high level of reliability and customer satisfaction. In addition to such, the company also includes the annual business calculation and tax advice option in their legal plan that is being not offered by other competitors available in the market.

The company understands the legal issues in a detailed manner and comprises one copyright registration per month that considered being an attractive deal for musicians, artists and other freelancing options available in the market.

Legal Zoom reviews- Is LegalZoom legit?

LegalZoom refers to an online document preparation service that is not liable to offer any legal advice or guidance for the reason it’s not considered to be a law firm. Now, the question that comes into mind that Is LegalZoom legit ?The communication that took place between business and LegalZoom are not covered through the attorney-client privilege and will not be considered as confidential through the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The main concern related to LegalZoom indicates the fact that a person doesn’t need access to an actual attorney unless the monthly fees are paid. If the business is paying the economy package or for single use, they are directed to the LegalZoom customer support that is specialist but not an attorney and will not provide any legal advice concerning the problem. They will offer basic counsel however they comprise many restrictions to their words. In case, if a business pays for access to an attorney, thus price concerned with legal services seems to be much higher.

No Free Trial

At the present time, the company doesn’t provide a free trial concerned with business and personal legal services. It has been seen that through service package of LegalZoom the company will allow the legal forms and paperwork available with 10 pages or less to be reviewed in prior to charge any sort of fees that are included in the additional pages. The company uses to take a fee for filing various documents and paperwork. This sort of expenses is traditionally available in the general package that the organization offers, however, the company provides its general price for much cheaper in comparison to competitor’s charges.

Not Unlimited

The monthly basic subscription plan of LegalZoom is not unlimited and considering the fact that customers seem to be restricted to a specific number of pages an attorney probably written in the legal letter.

Is LegalZoom worth the money?  

The main concern is to understand that “Is legal worth the money”? Below is the explanation related to such?

  • LegalZoom doesn’t seem to be worth for initiating the business with the principle of LLC. With such a formation service, the business needs to pay extra charges for everything. However, it is recommended that instead of wasting money with LegalZoom, a business can easily download the form for LLC free of cost and further pay the filling charge for the state.
  • For the reason that LegalZoom is not a law office, the business will not receive any sort of expertise and guidance even though individual or business uses to pay a ridiculous charge for the offered services. The service offered by LegalZoom seems to be appealing and convenient; however, it will end up costing a lot of time along with money in comparison to visit the real lawyer directly.

LLC is a business entity that seems identical to a corporation that offers personal liability protection to the owner that is termed as members. However, LLC seems to be more flexible when being compared to the corporation in the manner it is taxed and managed. Along with such, with the feature of LLC business can allocate gains and loss effectively among the members. The other question that comes into consideration is –Is LegalZoom a good way to start an LLC?

An LLC contains its own assets and bank account and being able to sign the leases, document of loan and different sort of contract. In addition to such, it is being used to file the lawsuit or be sued by someone else. For the reason that LLC is usually considered as the separate entity, the members don’t personally liable for business obligations and debts. The process of starting the LLC seems to be very easy, and here are some of the steps that are required to follow while forming the LLC.

 Decide Where to Form LLC

The very first thing that you have to do while starting the LLC is to file the paperwork with the state. It has been acknowledged that owners of small business will fill in the state in which business is situated. However, if the business is looking to expand them in multiple states, then they have the option of state for LLC formation.

Choose a Name for LLC

It is a known fact that needs vary from state to state; however, the rule indicates that LLC names can’t be identical to the name of other competitor entity registered in the same state. The start limits the employ of specific words like a bank in the business name and business are recommended to use business designation like LLC at the end of the name.

The business is able to research the state’s naming needs by visiting the website of the state agency that is accountable for the business filling. It has been seen that in most state, it is considered as the secretary of the state. In states, a business can also employ the website to search the name of the current business to understand the fact whether the name is available or not. It has been seen that if proposed LLC name is available however business are not ready to form the LLC right away, most of the state will facilitate the name regarding the set period of time through filling the forms and submitting the required fees.

Choose a Registered Agent

When the business is looking to form the LLC, it is recommended to select the registered agent which is also termed as a statutory agent who is responsible to gather official document on behalf of LLC. Every state comprises its own registered agent needs, however, in general, the agent is considered to be a person who is at least 18 years. The agent needs to contain the address in the state where they seem to be available during the business hours for collecting the document. It is being noticed that most of LLC name the employee to act as an employee or use the registered agent company.

Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement

LegalZoom operating agreement will help the business to understand how to run LLC and comprises valuable information about the manner in which the business needs to be managed. Along with such, the agreement will also represent the methodology for admitting innovative member and further dealing with the departing members. It is not filed with the state, thus the business needs to keep such in a binder along with other business reports.

 Prepare Articles of Organization

The form of the article will be accessible on the website of the business filling agency and needs to include the following things:

  • Name and Duration of LLC
  • Purpose of LLC
  • Name and address of the registered agent.

File the Articles of Organization

The business needs to submit the article along with the filing fees required. The business is able to file the article online or even submit by sending the mail to the concerned individual.

Publish a Notice

For the reason that some states have additional needs, the business is required to post the newspaper notice concerning the intent of forming the LLC.

Banking, Licenses and Other Business

When the LLC is official, the businesses have to attain the federal tax ID number and further create the bank account of the business. As per business requirements, the businesses have to register LLC with local and state taxing along with permitting authorities.

Is LegalZoom good for a will?

There is question that comes into minds of business professional and individual that “ Is LegalZoom good for a will? The explanation related to such shows that Wills and other important legal papers are too significant and too complicated for the company like LegalZoom. It is for the reason that it is nothing more than filling in the blank; the business runs the risk of accidentally disinheriting family members. The mistake committed in the will seems to be worse in comparison to others for the reason that due to serious mistake with the do-it-yourself will, it will not appear to light when it’s too late. It is recommended to hire a lawyer for such condition considering the real privacy and peace of mind. This will certainly affects the LegalZoom reviews.

Is LegalZoom good for a living trust?

The business can find the information available on the website that includes a disclaimer that highlights the fact that information offered by the company is not guaranteed to be accurate or up to date. Therefore, in general words, it can be understood it is not worth to pay hundreds of dollar to a website that provides no guarantee whatsoever regarding the information. In addition to such, it has been acknowledged that about 805 people who fill legal forms attempts incorrect information. For the reason that LegalZoom is not a layer and takes no accountability for appropriate information, if you commit any sort of mistake you will be paying money for no guarantee.


From the above discussion related to Legal Zoom reviews , it can be concluded that LegalZoom is the best alternative to a real lawyer, but if you commit mistake you will end up by paying hundreds of dollar without receiving any guarantee from their end.

With the employ of fill in the blank “legal service “takes businesses toward legal concern down the road and being own on own when the things don’t work perfectly. With hiring the services concerning the competent business lawyer will allow the business to attain original legal professional that is skilled and dedicated to making affairs in order.

The real lawyer is responsible regarding its representation of business and works with effectiveness to secure the affairs and documents of organizations. However, LegalZoom is simply a form that business fills out devoid of any guarantee.Visit lawsuit FAQ for more informative articles and review.


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