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In this review, we reviewed Nolo bestseller DIY products, Quicken WillMaker Plus 2019 and Living Trust software, Books, Legal Forms and other products and services. have huge collection legal books, legal forms and Software that are very helpful for small business.

Nolo is a legal firm which provides proper access to different forms and documents like softwares, legal forms, eBooks and books. It started out as a blog which provides information on legal procedures. The articles are written by professionals of the law field. Nolo also helps with LLC formation for new businesses. It provides other services for incorporating a business as well. Reviews are great as it is one of the oldest company in the legal space.

Nolo was founded in 1971 by two different attorneys. It has almost 1 million users to its site every month. Their main objective is to provide legal information to everyone in a simple way.

nolo review

Nolo provides ample of legal services and they comprise of:

  • They create custom legal formats and documents.
  • They help you find a local lawyer for your case.
  • They create a corporation or non-profit LLC.
  • You will be able to find legal books, soft wares and articles which might help you with your problem.

Nolo Customer Review & pricing 2019

The best part about Nolo is that it offers a lot of self-help legal advices. Apart from that, they provide a service for finding a lawyer network in the attorney. This service is completely free. All the informational guides and articles available on different legal procedures are also completely free.

Apart from that, in case you require a detailed guidance on a particular topic, you can use their premium services. A lot of eBooks and books are available on their website. The price ranges from $25-$40. The books have detailed knowledge on different topics like benefits of structuring your business or understanding legal business terms.

With Nolo, you can further customise your legal needs. Nolo can create legal forms and documents. Most of the documents are priced separately. However, some of the documents are available annually. The annual subscription will allow you to make unlimited changes to the form and print it multiple times. The cost of annual subscription is also reasonable. It ranges from $30 to $44. Their service provides great value in exchange of money.

Nolo has a unique product for LLC and business formation. Nolo Reviews are good for the same as it is one of the most popular product for small business structures. Although, for non-profit organisations and corporations, they outsource the business structure. The in-house product does not work for them.

The other added advantage from Nolo is that they provide great customer support offline as well. A lot of their guides and books are available in the physical format. It helps in marking the important points. You can carry it easily and refer it in no network zones as well. The best part is that the books are updated every year. Thus, you can opt for a book with recent law additions.

Nolo Reviews- Positive and Negative

Most people prefer using Nolo because they get all the legal information at one place. The quality of the forms and attorney has also been appreciated by their existing clients. Also, the information provided on their site is very clear and understandable.

However, they have got some negative feedback for their customer support. The help desk failed to solve some issues related to overbilling, printing and editing.

Is Nolo Legit?

Nolo is not accredited by BBB. However, it has A-star rating on the website of BBB. The Google ranking for Nolo is 4.7 stars which is based on 46 customer reviews. However, it has only one star rating on Trustpilot. There are 46 customer reviews registered on Trustpilot. Nolo and Rocket lawyer both are legit companies.

Nolo living trust review

Nolo’s online living trust basically helps you to form a legal document or contract by your own. They have step by step guides for the same. It is great if you want to save up on your expenses. A lot of people believe that Nolo has proper, specific and authentic guides. However, many people feel that it is always beneficial to create a legal document with the help of an attorney. This also differs from document to document. Some contracts are intricate like the one for the estate plan.

Thus, it is better to read everything properly and then decide if you want to do it alone or need help from an attorney.

LegalZoom VS Nolo

  • Document filing

Filing legal documents is a taxing procedure. LegalZoom helps with filing complicated legal documents. The procedure to fill the documents is either through an interview or through the support of the support team. It is included in the price of the base packages.You can read legal zoom LLC formation and legal solution review.

On the other hand, Nolo provides static instructions to fill the documents for filing. In this case, you will have to figure out the questions and their answers yourself from the guide.

  • Experience

LegalZoom has more experience compared to Nolo. It has been in the business past 2001 and has served over a million businesses. Nolo came in the business eight years later as compared to LegalZoom. However, while comparing LegalZoom vs. Nolo, LegalZoom is better in terms of establishment. Also, they keep on improving their services after every passing year.

  • Pricing

LegalZoom has three different packages to choose form. There is economy, standard and express gold. The economy one starts from $159 per year. Also, for opting the registered agent service with LegalZoom, you need to pay. It is not free with the Express Gold package as well. Also, services like affordable tax, total compliance and legal protect are given as a trial after the formation of LLC by other companies. LegalZoom charges $320 per year.

Nolo has two packages which are called Basic and Express premiere. The basic one starts from $99. Both the packages include services like articles of organisation, company name verification, automated error checking and unlimited customer support. Their express premiere package is actually worth investing in, as it covers all the aspects of LLC formation and business compliance.


Both the companies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read their terms and conditions properly before opting for a basic or premium service. Please check lawsuit faq homepage for more such reviews and articles.


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