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What Should I Do Before Meeting With The Lawyer Attorney?

Before Meeting With The Lawyer Attorney? | Legal Issues


In order to save you time and money, prepare to be candid and up front. You are protected under attorney-client confidentiality. Doy our homework. Study legal matter before your meeting. Show up on-time.Make sure you know where the attorney office is located. Arrive a few minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment.



Lawyer Attorney Meeting


What Should I Do Before Meeting With The Lawyer Attorney? A lawsuit is a civil action brought before a court of law in which a plaintiff, a party who claims to have received damages from a defendant’s actions, seeks a legal or equitable remedy. The defendant is required to respond to the plaintiff’s complaint. If the plaintiff is successful, judgment will be given in the plaintiff’s favor, and arrange of court orders may be issued to enforce a right, award damages,or impose an injunction to prevent an act or compel an act. The conduct of a lawsuit is called litigation. Source:

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