Quicken WillMaker Reviews – Is Nolo WillMaker worth paying for?

Is Nolo willmaker software worth it? Let’s find out in this quicken willmaker review. I purchased quicken willmaker plus and trust 2020 for creating an estate plan. Here is what i get.

Are you planning to make a will?

If you are also among such people who find it very difficult to plan a will, then you are in a perfect place.

Well, it is well-known that how important it is to create a will. But you cannot even ignore the fact that such tasks are very hectic. You know well that nowadays, technology has developed so much that for everything, the software is available. Similarly, to help you to make will also, a software named “Quicken Willmaker” is available.

This article is going to discuss everything about Quicken Willmaker. Let us begin our discussion.

Nolo quicken willmaker

Quicken Willmaker Reviews

Quicken Willmaker is a software that helps you to make a will.

The software is durable, trustworthy, and reliable. Nolo’s experts developed the software. It includes many things like letters of survival, durable power of attorney, etc.

The software is the easiest and fastest way to create your will.

Why should you use Quicken Willmaker?

Quicken Willmaker helps you to create your will at each step. The software covers almost everything, including care activities, reliable power of attorney, final arrangements, etc.

The software also gives you a format to record all the relevant personal information which you can use for anything which you want to.

The software helps you to customize your documents at every step and also allows you to customize results. You can do anything, such as adding specific healthcare situations and can choose to leave everything upon the person for whom you are making a will.

This will helps you in many complex situations, also. It helps to name and make back-up the guardians for whom you are making the will. Along with this, you can also separate the executor.

Working of Quicken Software

After discussing the software, the very first thing which comes to your mind is how the software works. Let us examine its working.

i) In the very first step, you will, of course, have to log in to Willmaker plus. As soon as you log in to the software, you will see a checklist-style screen.

ii) You will see many individual documents. Open individual papers and go through the process of creating each of them. On the right side, you will see a “Helpful Information” tab, which will help you to complete all the necessary steps for each document. Here, you will also find links to Nolo’s Legal Manual.

iii) Click on any one of the documents, and you will see a step by step checklist. The steps are in a sequence, and you cannot change the sequence as there are steps set upon each step. As you click on each step, you will come across a page that will ask you for specific information.

iv) You’ll also come across specific steps that will ask you yes or no questions. As you proceed with the software, you will also see some multiple-choice questions.

v) The software will allow you to print your documents so that you can keep them safely with you. It will also ask you for some signatures and notarization for security and verification purposes.

vi) You can choose to save your documents in PDF form also if you choose to store your document in electronic form.

vii) The software also allows you to print one more copy of the document for your spouse. You both can keep each copy if you want to. However, if you’re going to use the document, you can edit whatever you wish, too, anytime.

The reason behind this is security. Living documents and power of attorney are more personalized, and it is difficult to have a duplicate copy of it.

viii) When you purchase Willmaker, you will not get only Willmaker. You will get many other online tools along with the software. These documents can help you with everything.

If you ask a lawyer to make your will professionally, it will cost you a handsome amount. So, Quicken Willmaker is an excellent deal for this. It helps you to create professional wills at a reasonable cost. If you ask a lawyer to make your will, you will have to run here and there; however, with Quicken WillMaker this becomes effortless. You can create a perfect will sitting at your home without any hassle.

You may not be able to make a very complex with this software. However, it will help you to make such a will that will be more than enough for you.

For very complex situations such as child guardianship or divorce, you will have to go to the lawyer from the beginning itself. But if you are single and dealing with some less complex situations, this software will help you.

Best Alternatives to Quicken WillMaker

Now, if you’ve any problem or not able to use or whatever the reason is here are some of the best alternatives to Quicken WillMaker. We write one detailed post on will software to help you.

i) Rocket Lawyer

Rocket lawyer relies on a monthly subscription, which means that you need to subscribe monthly for this software. It is not downloadable software. The software allows you to do many things such as drafting customized wills, signing documents, print your will, create power of attorney, and so on.

With your monthly membership, you also get a Document Defense. The feature helps your will, which you created through Rocket lawyer, is disputed. You can also get a 30 minutes consultation for free. It also allows you to have a 7 days free trial if you are not sure about monthly subscription.

ii) Law Depot

When you need to make a very complex will, you have to contact your lawyer and have to spend a lot of money on your will.

In such cases, Law Depot is the best choice. It is such a software which lets you create your will in the free trial of 7 days. After that, it depends upon you whether you want to continue your subscription or want to end up using the software.

The will-making process is straightforward. The software will ask you specific fundamental questions such as your marital status, family background, etc. You only need to answer these simple questions and can create your will. The software helps you to save your time as you can do your work in 10-20 minutes. However, if you need any help, you can ask for help via phone, email, or live chat.

iii) LegalZoom

Legal zoom is another best alternatives of Quicken Willmaker.

If you wish to make a will for yourself, this software is unbeatable. It provides you excellent customer support and helps you to make the will with streamlined will creation.

The software is based on the Q&A format. It will ask you some basic questions regarding your family, marital status, etc. based upon which you will be able to create your will. It is quite easy to make a will with the help of this software. However, if you need any help, you can use Legal Zoom directory and ask for help.

iv) Do your own will

If you are conscious about your budget and want to create a will, this software is best for you.

You can create your will with the help of this software without any account or credit card. You will only have to go through some step by step procedures that will ask you about your necessary details such as your marital status, no. of children, your asset, etc.

Do your own will is entirely free and provides a free will software for residents of 50 states.

Quicken Willmaker Compatibility

When it comes to its compatibility, the very first thing that strikes you is Windows.

Willmaker 2016 and the above versions are entirely compatible with Windows 10. As Willmaker 2015 came into existence before the release of Windows 10, it doesn’t know about issues of Windows 10 and hence is not fully compatible with it.

All the versions of Willmaker 2013 are compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1. The Willmaker versions which came into existence before the 2013 version are not compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1. The reason is that those versions came into existence before the release of Windows 8.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Is Quicken Willmaker legal?

A.1. Yes. Quicken Willmaker is entirely legal as it is designed to create legal wills.

Q.2. If I create my will using Quicken Willmaker, will there be any watermark?

A.2. No. Quicken Willmaker does not provide any type of watermark.

Q.3. Can will kits stand up in court?

A.3. Yes. Will kits can stand up in courts.

Q.4. Can I keep my document in PDF format?

A.4. Yes. If you want to save your data in an electronic form, you can keep it in PDF format.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Well, you know that creating a will is not an easy task. Whenever it comes to the creation of a will, it frightens you with the thought of running here and there and spending a lot of money. So, to save you from all such messy and hectic procedures, there is an online Willmaker brought for you. However, only a few people know about such software.

This article intended to make you aware of Quicken Willmaker, its benefits, its alternatives, and so on. I tried my best to share each and everything about the software with you. If you still have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below. It will be great to have two-way conservation.

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