How To Start a Company In USA

Step by step guide on how to register a company in the USA. A foreigner can also open a business in U. S. We put together a blueprint that helps you in registering and starting a business.

If you are looking to incorporate the business and create it a legal entity, however, doesn’t regarding the process to incorporate the business. This article will help to understand the process of starting a business in USA        along with the recommendations. It will highlight the best state for incorporating the business, taxes, and LLC fees in a different state.

How To Start a Company In USA

As a foreigner or being a non-US citizen attempting to set up business in the USA, the individual finds it tough to analyze the process that is required. It is known that business has its own benefits and helps individual to mitigate the risk and liability by creating a separate business. Open business in usa by foreigner will help business to increase the sales demand and able to explore their reach of finding probable customers.

In the USA, there are 3 types of business incorporation being employed:

  1. You can create the LLC
  2. Type S-corporation.
  3. Type C Corporation

In instance, if you are positioned outside the US and look to set up the company in the US, then below you will find the step by step methodology for explaining the process and represent exactly what individual required to follow for effective outcomes.

International Company Start-up Checklist

Here is the list to understand the process of register a company in usa given below

  1. Choose Which Type of Business Entity to Form: Corporation or LLC

If the owner of the company is not a resident of the US which is also referred to the shareholder, then there is a choice of either creating the LLC or Corporation. There has been an entity which is S-corporation and needs all shareholders to be the citizen of the United States. There has been no limitation concerning the number of owner concerning LLC or Corporation. However, the individual home country comprises some limitation of which sort of US company may function in that country. You can try legalzoom or incfile LLC formation service.

  1. Choose Which State to Form Your Corporation or LLC

While looking to set up business in the USA, the individual is being able to form the LLC or    Corporation in any of the state. There has been a needing to understand the state that is accountable to form the LLC or Corporation. It has been seen that some of the states seem to be quite user-friendly than others specifically. I write about pros and cons of forming an LLC in USA.

, 3. Requirements to Form a Corporation or LLC in the USA

When the individual is able to decide the type of company that he is looking to form along with the state that forms the organization, here are some basic needs required by the company for effective results. This process would include the following points listed below

Choose the company

The company will search for the name that is being available in the chosen state. However, if the preferred name is not available in the list, the company will contact for additional name preference can be available.

Provide a Registered Agent

Registered Agent refers to an individual or company that contains the physical address available in the state of formation and is being accessible in the business hours and accepts the legal state and document related to the company. The process of registering a company in USA involves various aspects and being discussed in the later section.

NOTE: The Registered Agent doesn’t consider as the mail forwarding service, it has statutory roles to accept the legal and state document and forward it to the individual.

Provide Names and Addresses of the People/Companies Involved

Federal Employer Identification Number is also termed as EIN or generally TAX ID Number which is a number issued by IRS and seems to be identification number concerning to the organizations. At the instance when the company is filed by the state it is required to attain the number from IRS.

  1. 4. After Forming a US Corporation or US LLC

When the LLC or corporation has been filed, there are some other tasks that you have to acknowledge and perform according to the needs and purpose of the US Company. 

Arrange a US Physical Business Address or Virtual Office

If you are looking to attain the business or client mail at the US address or each bank that your contacts need to contain the separate US address, then there has been needing to arrange the mail forwarding or virtual office service. There have been different services being employed in the US and most of them are based in the above-described states of Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Open a US Bank Account

If you are looking to receive the US payment, then there has been a need to open the US merchant account or open the physical branch office located in the US. The most significant that individual must acknowledge is to perform the bit of research and is highly depending upon the variables that seem to be ultimately out of the control.

Open a Bank Account in Your Home Country

If you are looking to open the bank account in the home country, the banks will possibly need the above “Certificate of Authentication”. It is significant to inform individual regarding the requirement and must attain the document while forming the US Company. It is recommended to contact the local bank regarding more details concerning what is being needed to open the bank account in the respective nation.

Get a US Phone Number

In addition to the above factors, there are various options being available to get the US phone number. It has been acknowledged that there will be a toll-free number or local number where you can select the area code as per the preference. Mostly, the phone number will encompass many online features like faxes and voicemail delivered through email, routing to forward the call to any number as preference and VOIP services where the call is being routed over the internet instead of standard voice calls. The pricing regarding such feature starts from $9.95/month or some charge only per-minute fees for international calls.

Build a Website and Company Logo

With the advancement in technology, it is essential for the business to have at least a basic website and logo. This has been used for offering the credibility and in fact now needed through various merchant account providers along with US vendors on applications. The favorable condition concerning such is that domain name is available at cheap price and website can be built in hours at a recent time instead of taking months. For the considered process, the pricing starts from $10/month. It is recommended to select the professional logo for the website if the businesses have effective web presence all across the globe.

 Open a US Merchant Account

The merchant account refers to a relationship with a bank that facilitates the business to accept the payment with the help of credit card like Discover and American Express in addition to electronic checks available online. The individual is being able to accept the payment regarding the products and service with the help of credit card, the bank is accountable to debit the funds through the customer account and deposit it into the respective bank account. The process of opening the merchant account in the US will certainly need the US bank account, address along with the phone number.

  1. 5. Maintaining Your US Corporation or US LLC
  2. File an Annual Report.

The Annual Report generally refers to a document that updates the owner states, address, and registered agent concerning the business. It has been seen that in most the state it can be filed online. The Registered agent is accountable to attain and then forward the report to the individual before it’s due.

Make sure business complying with another city, county, and federal requirements

There has needed to understand that registering a company in USA needs to comply with the country. However business has complied with laws in order to create LLC, it is recommended to contact the country where LLC is located to identify the business license or permit as per the requirements. The requirement varies depending upon the location where the business is located along with the type of industry in which business is operating. However, if the business is Corporation or LLC, the business needs to file permits and licenses from the nation. Some of the countries will ask the business to register DBA i.e. a trading name employed by the company.

The local government is responsible to determine licensing, permitting, registration and thus is recommended to check the local government website and note down the essential points. Along with such, business requires to attain the permit or license in the case if activities are regulated through the federal agency. The easiest thing is to check the Federal permits and license list along with State license to determine the business activities and understand the procedure to set up a new company in the USA. The fees and requirement will be depending upon the business activity and the agency that issue permit or license.

Consult with a Business Lawyer

The business needs to consult with the business lawyer and thus it seems to be quite challenging and complicated to start the business in the USA.  The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs commit is never having a proper consultation with a business lawyer in prior to start their business. It will put significant personal assets at risk.

Likewise, for reasons unknown, business people have come to trust that utilizing an online organization arrangement administration is a satisfactory choice notwithstanding when they are beginning with their first business adventure.

  • Beginning your business effectively will spare you a great many dollars in expenses, organization costs and sat around idly.
  • Counseling a business legal advisor is a profitable venture in case you’re not kidding about beginning your business.
  • Settle on the wrong decisions, in any case, and you could end up losing control of your organization, unfit to raise fund or even wind up stuck in an unfortunate situation.
  • There’s no straightforward response to each business visionary’s needs with regards to beginning a business in the U.S.
  • The means to take rely upon cautious appraisal of the field-tested strategies, legitimate standards in the United States and abroad, financing issues and the sky is the limit from there.
  • You ought to counsel a business legal counselor to ensure you’re conforming to all government, state, and area guidelines. That way, you can likewise get the essential thought of understanding Opening business in USA which offers numerous benefits.
  • Conversing with a business legal advisor is a profitable venture in case you’re not kidding about beginning your business.

Advantages of setting up Business in the USA

Registering a company in USA seems to be quite profitable for the reason it is home to approx 318 million individual from a different cultural and ethnic background that offers a unique culture for expansion. Along with such, it has lucrative and open consumer market and being acknowledged from the survey conducted by Department of Commerce that flow of foreign direct investment into the US along with its territories increased from $160 Billion in 2012 to $187.5 in the year 2013. Some of the other advantages related to setting up a business in the USA are listed

  • Businesses that operate in the USA market seem to grow at a great pace.
  • While doing business in the international market, companies will be able to increase the quality of the product.
  • The primary aspect to understand the process to start a company in the USA is readily accessible across the diverse sector compromising its highest per capita income.
  • The USA provides the futuristic infrastructure along with the host of accurate technologies concerning innovative and emerging businesses.
  • The US has entered into the tax agreement concerning primary utilization of eliminating the double taxation.
  • The renowned concept including the fact that time is money has been considered seriously in the US Punctuality, speed and accuracy seem to be an important element of American business etiquette and deadlines are strictly adhered.

Due to such several advantages, companies are looking to enhance their reach in the USA market where they can expand their productivity and reach toward customers at a great pace.


From the above information, it can be concluded that the USA is a vast market; therefore, it is a good option to start a business in the USA. The article highlights the procedure in a detailed manner that helps to understand the process of how to set up a business in the USA. If you have any question regarding legal help or starting business then please visit

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