Verified Rocket Lawyer Reviews- Is It The Best Legal Service?

Is rocket lawyer legit? Our review will help you to know better about the legal forms,lawyers and legal advice.

In today’s time, people often require legal advice related to a matter they need to resolve at some point in their lives. Often, there are some matters which do not require the need of hiring an attorney, but such legal matters do require some demands of professional expertise.

The Professional Rocket Lawyers comes into play which has now become the fastest-growing company which provides access to a variety of legal help and helps the customers to get in touch with best attorneys. You can check reviews online before contacting them.

rocket lawyer review

How much does rocket lawyer cost

After checking the rocket lawyer user reviews and rating, you might have to come to know about the variety of legal services provided by Rocket Lawyer and its pricing. They provide services like:

  • They are responsible for creating customized legal documents and contracts
  • They are responsible for reviewing the documents and contracts
  • They can create LLC, non-profit or corporation
  • They can arrange a legal advice session with a lawyer over the phone

Some of the services as per rocket lawyer reviews are available with a one-time fee but they encourage to get subscribed to their monthly membership plan depending on whether a client needs the regular legal support for their business.

Some people think about rocket lawyer cost and they often think it expensive whereas the online legal service offers a very accessible and affordable alternative option. A diverse range of services can be chosen from and there is nothing to worry about fees of rocket lawyer. Many of the services are overlapping.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing

The rocket lawyer pricing can be applied as per the services being availed by the people if they have opted for membership or not. The pricing for the ones who have opted for membership can avail the service like creating a custom legal form, a phone session of 30-minutes with a lawyer, online QA session with a lawyer and preparing a documented defense for Rocket Lawyer documents, etc.included in the cost of per month membership of $39.95. Up to 40% off discount is provided to the clients who hire Rocket Lawyer Attorney. Only govt filling fees are applicable for LLC, corporation or non-profit form.

The registered agent service can be available at $112 per year. A 25% discount is offered to people with membership.

The rocket lawyer cost a non-member person can be available at $20 per document for custom legal forms. For phone session, it is not applicable and for online QA session with a lawyer, it charges $49.95 per question. For document defense for rocket lawyer documents, the pricing is $10 per document. For non-member, the discount privileges are not applicable.

The pricing for non-member for LLC, corporation or non-profit form is $99.95 plus govt. filling fee included. Registered agent service is available at $149.95 per year.

Is Rocket Lawyer a Legitimate Service?

A lot of people often seem surprised and question about the status of Rocket Lawyer. There are a lot of factors which can contribute to supporting the status of rocket lawyer service and provide an answer to the people who question – is rocketlawyer legit. The Rocket lawyer online service ask their client to attend a QA session with the best attorney who has years of experience. They provide on-call attorney service who provides satisfactory answers to the customers without any delay.

To those who question – is legit, they should know that Rocket Lawyer service provides the attorneys who are experienced, and they have varied specialties like contracts, business law, etc. They provide an intuitive builder for forms which is capable of creating custom legal documents. It’s just, customers have to answer some series of questions. By doing so, it can be helpful in complying that your contract can be held up in court and is compiled as per state law.

There are many unique features provided by rocket Lawyer service which can help in answering the question – is rocket lawyer safe. The defense document works in sync with the customer whose custom contract created by Rocket Lawyer doesn’t work in comply by the other party then an attorney is provided for their aid. Nolo is a top competitor of rocket lawyer. You can read rocket lawyer review here.

Rocket Lawyer will Review

The Rocket Lawyer provides various services to its customers to those who are looking for legal help for their business. The rocket lawyer will review the contracts and documents with the help of the attorney who has the specialties in business law, intellectual property and contracts. They make sure that the customer gets a good response from the attorney.

The rocket lawyer will review the custom legal document thoroughly and make sure that it is created as per the state law and it should hold up in court. Through this, they can help the business owners to resolve the issue and don’t want them to waste their time talking to different lawyers and waste their time in preparing different custom documents.

The rocket lawyer will review the series of question and answer provided in the form to make sure answers are provided properly and nothing is missed. Through mail, phone, etc. the feedback after the review is shared with the customers.

Is Rocket Lawyer better than LegalZoom?

In the rocket lawyer vs legalzoom scenario, both online service share similarities, and differences. They are more alike then they are different. Most of their services overlap with one another even though there are some price differences.We write a detailed article about legal zoom services in a post legal zoom reviews.

Fundamental Differences

The LegalZoom provides best quality legal forms in comparison to Rocket Lawyer and their price is much lesser than that of theirs. The annual membership rates are affordable, and they can help their customers to save over a hundred dollars.

There are some advantages which are offered by Rocket Lawyer like a wider selection of forms from the digital library and the filing fee is much lesser than that of LegalZoom.


Both Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom provides attorney consultation, document review, custom legal forms. Customer support through email or phone or via live chat, positive feedback to the customer without any delay.



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