ZenBusiness LLC Review: Fast,Affordable, Low Cost Business Formation

Read this Zen Business review to understand how Zenbusiness provide fast and affordable business formation service. It is the lowest price LLC formation service compared to other services like LegalZoom.

It helps businesses start and grow. They provide with solutions of starting and running challenges in business. They basically use technology with automation to provide their services. It is not only fast but, also delivers efficient work. They provide low-cost services with support from experts.

ZenBusiness also comes with extended support and a personalised support dashboard. Some of the basic services are completely free while some of them are premium services. They are masters in management and growth. Thus, they can be connected for the same.

zen business review

The company basically helps with regulations, book keeping, red tape and other administrative works. Many people believe in starting a business but run it as a sole proprietor. However, it is better to run as a business entity. It should be run with LLC which is the Limited Liability Company.

Zen Business Review is great and thus, helps you insulate your business and protects your assets like house, money, car and more. This all is carried out with a relationship based approach. They use technological innovation in this transparent business world.

ZenBusiness LLC Formation Service Review 

  • Pricing

ZenBusiness has a very innovative pricing structure. They have two different pricing options. They have one a la carte option. All you need to do is select and pay for the particular service. This model starts from $0. The other option is a three month service option which comprises of $10, $30 and $60. LLC services through ZenBusiness are free. You just have to pay the costs charged by the state.Zen Business LLC Review  is very easy to book.

The $10 pack is the starter pack which gives free services and registered agent services. The $30 is the pro pack which includes all the services of the starter pack. It also includes a worry free guarantee. The premium package usually includes all the services of the pro package with expedited filing, bookkeeping and tax prep services.

  • Speed

The processing time of your file actually depends on the package you choose from ZenBusiness. The free package takes 5 to 7 days. The starter pack includes 3 to 5 days. The pro one takes only 72 hours while the premium one is rushed in just 24 hours.

  • Ease of Use

It is very easy to order on ZenBusiness. It is as simple as shopping online. Just select the services you need and pay for them. The rest will be taken care by ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness has good ratings from different sites. One of the good review is form the site TrustPilot. 85% which is almost 177 of their reviews are that of 5 stars. The good part about them is that they address to almost all negative comments.

ZenBusiness also has some great features. The company files all the key documents with the state. It also makes sure that the business remains in good standing. However, this feature is not included in the starter pack. The company takes guarantee of all your filings and reporting. Thus, they always meet their deadlines. In case you miss a deadline, they even help you in covering the costs of a good detailed report.

The second great feature that ZenBusiness has is the Business Address Anonymity. It is a very neat feature which helps in preventing your home or business address from becoming public. Again, this feature is included in all the packs, except for the free and starter pack.

ZenBusiness also helps companies open a business bank account. They have a partnership with Radius Bank. It also provides monthly accounting services with CPA chat support. This is done to help you with the monthly closing financial statement. This particular service is available for 10 transactions. It also helps with the business tax preparation and filing.

ZenBusiness VS LegalZoom 

  • Pricing

ZenBusiness gives free services for LLC formation. Registered agent service from the same might cost up to $120 per year. With LegalZoom, LLC formation starts with $79. The registered agent service might go up till $299 per year. They include a compliance calendar especially for annual reports and tax deadlines.

  • Customer Reviews

When ZenBusiness is considered, it has 410 trusted reviews on Trustpilot. 96% of reviews are positive in nature. The clients appreciate their free business entity formation.

LegalZoom also has a lot of reviews. Around 1100 reviews can be found online between different sites like Consumer Affairs, Sitejabber and Better Business Bureau. 687 reviews on Sitejabber are positive and negative both. The rest of the reviews on Consumer Affairs and Better Business Bureau are mostly negative.

  • Quality of Customer Support

ZenBusiness usually offers web support chat only. There are no phone numbers or email addresses available on their site. They respond quickly on the chat. Although, it would be better if they could offer more options.

LegalZoom offers phone support and their existing clients have appreciated their efficient support. However, their email support is not that great. It takes weeks for them to respond to email inquiries.

  • Track Record and Company Statistics

ZenBusiness has recently opened in 2015 only. They are doing a great job as they are steadily increasing in their field. Although, there is no record on the number of customers they have served.

LegalZoom has been around for long. The company was opened in the year 1999. They have served more than 3.6 million clients. It also includes the formation of around 1 million businesses.

Both the companies focus on efficient business formations while keeping the business in proper compliance.

While making a list on ZenBusiness VS LegalZoom, ZenBusiness has certain advantages. It has free LLC services with excellent customer reviews. Even the registered agent service is at a reasonable price. However, they just have a chat support but they quickly respond to inquiries.

LegalZoom is quite expensive as compared to ZenBusiness. Also, they have mixed reviews and thus, you should research properly and then opt for this company.

Is ZenBusiness legit?

ZenBusiness is not BBB accredited but they have a whole team of professional individuals who have proper experience in their industry. Also, their focus is on business formations. Thus, clients prefer their businesses formed by formation specialist rather than a legal from preparer.

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